Top 10 Best Undercounter Refrigerator (Review & Guide)

Are you searching for the best undercounter refrigerator? You’ll be relieved to discover there are fridges specially made for small spaces.

They are the Undercounter Refrigerators, and they have turned things up in the bars and regular kitchens.

Take your pick!

Our Top Picks

  1. Avallon AFR151SSLH 3.3 Cu Ft Built-In 15″ Refrigerator-Left Hinge
  2. EdgeStar CBR1502SG 24 Inch Wide 142 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler with Tinted
  3. Kalamera 24″ Clear Panel Undercounter Refrigerator
  4. Summit AL54 ADA Height 24″ Built-In Undercounter Refrigerator with Door Storage and Glass Shelves
  5. Kalamera 24″ Beverage Refrigerator Freestanding or Built-in Single Zone Touch Control
  6. Phiestina 15″ Beverage Cooler Refrigerator – Free Standing Beverage Fridge with Glass Door or 96 Can Built-in
  7. EdgeStar 142 Can Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler –Stainless Steel and Black
  8. Kalamera 24″ Wine Cooler Refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Freestanding or Built-in Fridge
  9. Sinoartizan Under Counter Wine and Beverage Cooler 55 Cans and 18 Bottles
  10. Smith & Hanks BEV145SRE 178 Can Capacity Beverage Cooler

Product Reviews

1. Avallon AFR151SSLH 3.3 Cu Ft Built-In 15″ Refrigerator-Left Hinge

Some of us have less than two feet at our disposal. When the space at hand is tight, an undercounter refrigerator that’s 15″ might be the ideal fit.

The Avallon model is the best 15″ undercounter fridge spotting a stainless steel door. Apart from its tiny size, the compressor featured has a forceful fan.

It is so powerful that the fridge can maintain a vast array of temperatures, between 34 degrees and 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius).

The polished outlook is pronounced because of the bottom vent and the door handle built from stainless steel.

You can also switch things up by going blue at times and going white for the lights. Finally, at the top, you will find the controls to monitor the glow and temperature. They are visible when you open the door.

The system is 3.3 cubic feet (ca. 93 liters). There is so much room in there to cool all kinds of drinks to your contentment.

Likewise, there are three-door shelves and sanded glass shelves. It has been built with adequate storage space.

Some complaints have been noted. For example, some people pointed out that the door rack at the base could not snuggle wine bottles.

It could be because the unit’s door grip is on the right side. Luckily, there is a similar model with the door arm built on the left side.

By 18th November 2020, the model had seven Amazon ratings with a stable 4.8/5 star review. People kept remarking on the sleek appearance and the way it operated quietly.

However, some who bought the left-handled substitute whined about lack of longevity.

Best features summarized

  • It is small.
  • The temperature scale is vast (34̊-54̊ F).
  • Alternating lights are blue and white.
  • Looks polished and smooth.
  • Has stainless metalwork at the bottom aperture and arm.
  • Spacious for keeping beverages.


  • “The unit delivered beyond my expectations.”
  • Not noisy.
  • “The lighting is awesome, and the alarm’s warning when the door is open.”


  • “The rack in the base door is too short of furnishing a wine bottle.
  • Objections on durability.

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2. EdgeStar CBR1502SG 24 Inch Wide 142 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler with Tinted

EdgeStar is a famous company founded in 2004 that produces refrigerators. A search at Amazon for EdgeStar refrigerators will result from 4-5 star fridges to their name.

The company has had enough time to prove that they are the go-to manufacturers of fridges. That alone gives the unit an advantage over the rest of the fridges on the list.

However, some of the companies in the study are not as popular with folks. For example, this EdgeStar model has the best glass shelves and a glass door.

The bottom has additional features. It has cute ridges! There you can keep six wine bottles comfortably. So larger bottles can be secured here and stored conveniently. For additional comfort, the fridge has a reversible door.

The model has front aeration slots allowing it to function beneath the counters. A wise suggestion is for a fridge to have two extra inches in depth at the rear of the unit for maximum cooling effect.

By 23rd November 2020, the model had a stable 4.4/5 star review with Amazon ratings exceeding sixty. People’s remarks were mainly on the perfect ridges at the bottom where they stored wine and appealing sleekness. 

Some users lamented that the fridge had a short lifespan. However, EdgeStar provides its consumers with a warranty guaranteeing new parts replacement for the fridge and labor to fix them.

Best features highlighted

  • It garnered a four-star rating.
  • The reputation of the manufacturing company gives the fridge an edge over the rest.
  • The ridges at the bottom cradle six wine bottles.
  • A reversible door for comfort and convenience.


  • “The glass racks make it eye-catching, and the cans stay steady.”
  • Convenient wine ridges on the model’s bottom.
  • “Runs quietly.”
  • “Fits very well beneath our counter.”


  • “The spaces between the shelves are not the best.”
  • “It is hard to keep glass shelves when not in use.”
  • Beverage cans cannot fit at the back on the uppermost rack.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

 3. Kalamera 24″ Clear Panel Refrigerator

This fridge model has several things going for it. The aesthetic appeal; perfect functions (because of the aerations on its front); and pocket-friendly cost.

The unit is 24″ wide, and most people found it perfectly fitting beneath their counters. The model is the best 24″ undercounter fridge with a door made of glass.

It can also pack 150 cans! Stocking your bar for the whole season is now a reality. Four racks have been separated, which helps in using every bit of space for storing drinks.

If you want to keep more oversized items, you can remove some racks and adjust the space to your liking.

Buyers gushed over the fridge’s ability to stay at low temperatures better than their previous fridges. The range being at 32˚-41˚F keeps the items in the fridge almost at a freezing point without overwhelming the system.

By 18th December 2020, the Amazon ratings that exceeded 100 showed a stable 4.5/5 star review. Folks mainly were excited about how it barely produced a sound and the maintenance of low temperatures.

Some folks found it a puzzle to install, while others whined about the grip getting loose within months of use.

Best highlighted features

  • Has garnered a five-star rating.
  • A snug-fitting for under counter spaces.
  • Makes maximum use of internal space.
  • Has one of the best cooling abilities (32̊-41̊ F).


  • Best for open-air bars.
  • “Operates quietly.
  • “Maintains beer temperature kept at 36˚ F.
  • Sleek, inside blue light.


  • Complaints of loosening door grip after a while.
  • “The set-up is funky.”

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4. Summit AL54 ADA Height 24″ 

This model resembles the Kalamera make with few notable differences. The unit is an inch shorter at 32″ and not 33.1″. This is super nice for those people whose undercounter spaces are smaller.

The Summit model has glass shelves and is black inside, blending perfectly in dark spaces. That is why it is the best 24″ undercounter fridge with glass shelves.

If you caught a glimpse of its interior, it looks like the usual household fridge, though smaller. This makes it perfect as a secondary fridge more than a fridge for storing beverages exclusively.

It features a unique lock on the front door, a Sabbath mode, and an alarm signaling high temperatures. These features are also on higher-end cooling systems found in kitchens.

By 23rd November 2020, the unit had three Amazon ratings, with a constant 4.7/5 star rating. Thus, the unit has been given high rates, but an evaluation has to be done on more reviews to be said of the pros and cons.

The fridge weighs 95 pounds and has 4.8 cubic feet of internal capacity.

Highlighted best features

  • Has an average four-star rating.
  • Blends in dark spaces.
  • Works well as a secondary fridge.
  • It has a lock, a Sabbath mode, and alarm detection of high temperatures.


  • Reversible door.
  • “A well-functioning mini-fridge that’s easy on the eyes.”
  • The finish is stainless.


  • Insufficient reviews are causing unreliable observations.

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5. Kalamera 24″ Beverage Refrigerator Freestanding or Built-in Single Zone Touch Control

This model resembles the other Kalamera 24″ unit mentioned in the list, except for one stand-out feature found on the door…

If the fridge is for storing beverages, the glass door makes it the cooler for the job. You can see right through and take inventory without opening the door.

The internal lighting is blue, emanating a futuristic ambiance, and is captivating, ideal when you have friends over.

Glass may not stop cold temperatures from getting altered, but the rest of the unit has stainless steel insulation. That way, you get to enjoy the best both worlds have to offer. A well-functioning fridge with a sleek look!

The unit has been designed with a noise-canceling compressor and spots four racks without countings the floor rack, capable of holding 154 cans at full capacity.

This model has a temperature ranging from 38˚-50˚F. It could be due to a lack of insulation on the front glass door. This factor could dissuade or persuade you to buy this fridge.

The unit is popular, and it spotted Amazon ratings that exceeded 450 by 18th November 2020, garnered a stable 4.2/5 star review.

The buzz was about how eye-catching the blue lighting was as it pierced through the glass door. However, some people complained of the fridge having too high of a temperature range.

Best features highlighted

  • The model is worth 5/5 stars.
  • A see-through glass door for the smooth, captivating look.
  • Internal blue lights draw the attention of observers.
  • A stainless steel insulated body.
  • It has a holding capacity of 154 cans and a noise-canceling compressor.


  • “You can barely hear noise when the fridge is operating.
  • “Has captivating aesthetic appeal.”
  • It makes cleaning look easy.
  • “It was the perfect solution to the squeezed up space.”


  • “Its lowest temperature is still high at 38˚F.”
  • Expensive

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6. Phiestina 15″ Beverage Cooler Refrigerator

The Phiestina 15″ built-in fridge is captivating to the onlookers, manufactured in a savvy, snug, and sleek design. You can’t miss it because of the blue LED lights that can be switched off and can be seen through the glass door.

It, therefore, features the best 15″ undercounter refrigerator with a glass door.

The fridge spots five racks, not to mention the floor rack. Thus it can be optimized to fit larger items. Are you getting ready for a beer party? Put the racks in their original positions and arrange the middle beers on their sides.

Ninety-six cans will fit! It is a tiny fridge with excellent storage capacity!

If what you want is a wine storage area, remove two of the racks in the mid-section and use the depth of the fridge. The unit is therefore adjustable to the moment’s needs, causing it to stand out.

The control unit of the model is at the top. It shows the fridge’s temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, whichever you choose. The usual cooling needs are managed throughout the day.

This undercounter refrigerator had exceeded 200 Amazon ratings by 23rd November 2020. It maintained a 4.5/5 star review. People were pleased with the almost silent motor and the sleekness of the model.

However, few folks were disappointed with the short time the unit stayed functional. A user suggested unplugging the unit for defrosting to unblock clogged passages.

Highlighted notable features

  • The model deserves a 4.5/5 star rating.
  • Blue LED lights that can be switched off.
  • Features five racks when excluding the floor rack having the capacity to hold 96 cans.
  • It can be optimized to fit larger items like wine.


  • “The manufacturer issued a cardboard box covering the outside and a box for the inside that had 2” boards for all-round protection –polystyrene foam.”
  • “Within an hour, it got to the targeted temperature without making a sound.”
  • “Eye-catching and works quietly.”
  • It has been made versatile by numerous shelves.


  • Complaints of a few years’ longevity (one customer suggested switching off the fridge for defrosting, which worked well for him).

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

7. 5.49 Cu. Ft. EdgeStar 142 Can Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler

This model is a little bigger than the other EdgeStar brand mentioned before. Therefore, they share most of the benefits. The main difference is that it has a stainless metallic door and not clear glass.

The model is the best fridge with glass shelves and a door made of stainless steel. If caught between deciding which EdgeStar to buy, you should have these three things to keep in mind.

It is larger but holds six cans less, the door is from stainless steel (not glass), and is costlier.

The reversible door handle (adjustable to the right or left side of the fridge), the blue LED light inside, and the digital means of controlling the temperature at the model’s top face are alike for both EdgeStar designs.

The manufacturer says that it is advisable for there to be at least 2″ between the unit and any barriers for heat to dissipate.

The Amazon ratings exceeded 90, and the review remained stable at 4.4/5 stars by 27th November 2020. Compared to others, people found the price okay, and the door alarm a convenient reminder the door was open.

However, some complaints cited that the glass shelves had holes in them and others had defective units.

Summary of features

  • The rating is 4.5/5 stars.
  • A little bigger than the aforementioned EdgeStar unit.
  • The door is made of stainless steel.


  • “I’m a fan of this fridge, especially because of the price compared to the alternatives.”
  • “The fridge served us this summer and delivered to expectations.”
  • “The door alarm that won’t stop beeping when the door is left open was a genius idea.”
  • “I love the lock as it keeps away teenagers from binging on your priced drinks.”


  • “There are large holes on the racks.”(They could get on your nerves, but they are meant to control the temperature).
  • “It is not a fridge but a cooler for drinks because the lowest temperature is 38˚F.”

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

8. Kalamera 24″ Wine Cooler Refrigerator 

Are you a wine enthusiast? Then you need to consider this wine fridge that snuggly fits under the counter. Check out the Kalamera 24″ wine fridge before you consider any other wine cooler.

It is the best 24″ wine cooler or undercounter refrigerator! The unit has a holding capacity of 46 bottles, and any home would be well-served with this wine fridge.

The holding capacity was estimated using the regular Boudreaux bottles with a base diameter of 2.75 inches and 750ml wine.

The model has two sections with separate temperature settings, making it possible to have the reds separated from the Chardonnays and roses. The temperature range for the upper part is 40˚-50˚F and the down part 50˚-66˚F.

The top-face inside is where the control panel with the two temperature displays has been fixed. Changing the temperature of either section is as simple as adjusting the keys for the up and down part.

The unit also features a door and grip made of stainless steel, along with wood shelves and black sides, adding class to your kitchen.

The model’s Amazon ratings are over 450 and have maintained a 4.2/5 star review by 27th November 2020. People could not stop talking about the simple installation, dual temperature control, and optimal storage space.

Though some buyers had issues of receiving damaged units, there was positive feedback concerning the fast response from customer service.

Some other complaints involved the inaccuracy of the temperature displayed.

Outstanding features summarized

  • 4.5/5 star rating.
  • Can hold 46 regular-sized wine bottles at full capacity.
  • Two different temperature zones range from 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit and 50-66 degrees Fahrenheit for the upper and lower zones.
  • One temperature control panel for both sections that can be adjusted to one’s liking quickly by pressing the keys up or down.
  • The stainless steel handle for the stainless steel door, wood shelves, and black sides make it aesthetically appealing.


  • “Has the perfect lighting to see clearly and be the accent lighting, not too bright to be irritating.”
  • “Though the bottles I had were different sizes and shapes, all of them fit in the shelves perfectly.”
  • “The unit operates so quietly I genuinely can’t hear it.
  • “The Kalamera fridge was delivered in good condition, and the installation was easy.”


  • Some units were damaged on arrival.
  • The actual temperature and the one displayed did not add up for some.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

 9. Sinoartizan Under Counter Wine and Beverage Cooler

Does your home have both beer and wine lovers? Would you like one versatile undercounter refrigerator with separate compartments and different temperature controls?

Then this unit is a must-have for you! It is the best beer and wine under the counter fridge! You’ll easily fit 55 cans to the right and 18 wine bottles to the left side of the fridge. No one will be left out.

The right compartment for the beer has a 39-50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range, and the wine compartment to the left has a 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range.

It has a tinted glass door with a double glaze to repel UV light while maintaining a professional look for your kitchen or home bar.

The white light inside the cooler turns off automatically after ten minutes to not alter the wines. The easily removable shelves contain rolling guides which makes rearranging a walk in the park.

The lockable door will help keep the kids from intruding. By 27th November 2020, the Amazon ratings were over 60, and the unit had maintained a 4.1/5 star review.

The buyers had a lot to say about the spacious storage space and the dazzling appearance. However, a few people complained that the unit did not last very long and was loud after plugging it in.

Summary of outstanding features

  • The unit is worth a 4.5/5 star rating.
  • The unit can hold 55 beer cans and 18 wine bottles in its separate compartments on the right and left.
  • The two sections have different temperature ranges, with the wine compartment at the left having 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit and the beer compartment having 39-50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Features a glass door that is tinted and double glazed to repel UV lights.
  • The interior has a white light that automatically switches itself off after ten minutes.


  • “It operates quietly and spruces up our kitchen.”
  • “The fridge contained eight cans of pop, six bottles of water, fifteen cans of beer, fifteen monsters, and eighteen bottles of wine.”
  • “It is sturdy and looks good.”
  • “So far, it has served me well and is nice looking too.”


  • Complaints of loud sounds.
  • “At times, the door bounces back after closing it.”
  • “Laments of the short functional life of the fridge.”

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. Smith & Hanks BEV145SRE 178 Can Capacity Beverage Cooler

If you wonder whether Smith and Hank’s is a small enterprise owned by a family, you are spot on!

The information they put out on their website shows that Jason Hanks is a die-hard fan of beer, and Casey Smith likes his wine.

Their contrasting passions inspired them to come up with a fridge that could accommodate their beverage appetites.

The cooler holds a maximum of 178 cans. So this cooler will well serve even a large family or big parties. The installation is a walk in the park as you just place it in the designated area and plug it in.

There is not much else to it. The unit’s temperature range is wide, at 36-68 degrees Fahrenheit, so that storing warmer wine and cold beer is at your disposal.

In addition, it features seven racks for optimal use of space to suit your specific needs. That makes Smith and Hanks the best versatile fridge model to keep under the counter.

It can act as a storage area for anything you want. The unit has an irrefutable unique style compared to other beverage fridges because of the clear glass panel with UV protection and wood-accented shelving.

In addition, they offer a three-year compressor warranty and a one-year labor and repair parts warranty. It had arrived at 16 Amazon ratings by 27th November 2020 and maintained a star rating of 4.9/5.

The customers were delighted with the timely customer service from Smith and Hank’s and the attractive pull-out shelves. However, for negative feedback, more responses will be required.

Summary of main features

  • We rated the cooler at 4.5/5 stars.
  • It has a substantial holding capacity of 178 cans and seven rack positions to select from for optimal use of space.
  • It can cover a wide impressive temperature range of 36-68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Features a glass panel with UV protection and wood-accented shelves.


  • “The pull-out racks are very nice as they help stock the shelves.”
  • “If you need to cool drinks in glass bottles, this is the unit for you. Keep them in upright positions.”
  • “Catches the eye and works well without making irritating noises.”
  • “I reached out to the company on the weekend and got an immediate response.”


  • No complaints so far.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

How to Choose the Best Cooler Unit

Make sure the size is right!

The most important thing to keep in mind is the size. If you go wrong on the size, you might have to handle the tedious process of taking the fridge back.

Under counter fridges come in two base widths, which are 24″ and 15″. The regular size for dishwashers is 24″ wide and is convenient for a switch-up.

But if the space at your disposal is smaller than that, a 15″ unit would be best and would fit as a replacement for a mini dishwasher in a tiny bar or kitchen.

Take note of the dimensions of the fridge before buying. If space has half an extra inch all around, you’ll have an easy time installing the fridge.

What will you store in the fridge?

If what you are looking for is mainly a fridge for cooling beverages, pick any of the above undercounter refrigerators.

They all get to a temperature of at least 38˚F. That is the best temperature for cooling common beverages like soda, beer, and other items consumed regularly in households.

However, if you want to make things colder, choose carefully from the listed models where some can get to freezing temperatures.

They are versatile, making sure items get a longer shelf life because of the cold temperatures.

What type of door should you choose (glass or stainless steel)?

There are mainly two types of doors featured on the undercounter fridges; glass or stainless steel. The best way to do it is by looking at the pros and cons of either type.

Stainless steel door


  • Cleaning the outside is easy.
  • The door has better insulation, assuring a lower temperature range.


  • To take inventory, you have to open the door.



  • Look through the closed door to take inventory.
  • Most have an internal light offering a sleek look and illuminating beverages.


  • The door has poor insulation.

Precautions while Installing Undercounter Cooler

To begin, carefully read through the instructions. Sometimes, installing the fridge, you simply place it under the counter and plug it in for the fridge to start functioning.

But others may require special procedures to function correctly as outlined below:

  1. Place the unit in its rightful place, then wait for 24 hours before you plugin. The upright posture will allow the compressor oil to settle back in the compressor and clear the refrigerant lines.
  2. After 24hours, plug in the fridge to ensure that it is fully functional. That will save you the pains of installing it only to find it defective.
  3. Position the fridge in the space you plan for it to stay. Use a level to check whether the unit is on level ground by placing it on the shelves inside. If need be, adjust the legs.
  4. Measure to determine if there is ample clearance all around according to the instructions set of the required parameters. If the top has excess clearance, adjust the legs upward so that the unit fits appropriately from all sides. After installation, fix the unit door stopper (if one has been provided) after installation to stop the door from damaging nearby cabinets.


Q1. What is the best cooler for a beer party?

Answer: The number one choice beverage cooler for a beer party would be the Smith & Hanks BEV145SRE 178 Can Capacity Beverage Cooler.

Q2. Why should I choose a model with a stainless steel door over a glass door?

Answer: A stainless steel door mainly provides better insulation.

Q3. Which under-counter fridge is best for storing all kinds of things, including beverages?

Answer: The most versatile of the listed top ten models on our list is the Smith & Hanks 178 Can Beverage Fridge.

Q4. Which company manufactures the most miniature under-counter fridge with a stainless steel door?

Answer: That would be Avallon. They have the best 15″ built-in fridge with a stainless steel door.

Q5. Which is the top under counter fridge with a glass door to store my beers and wine?

Answer: Choose the Sinoartizan model, which holds 55 cans of beer and 18 bottles of wine at full capacity. Plus, the glass door is tinted to repel UV light.

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Our top favorite under-counter fridge is the Kalamera 24″ clear panel. The price, functionality, and looks are great! Further, it went beyond 200 Amazon ratings and maintained a 4.3/5 star review by 21st February 2021.

This model is in close competition with the Kalamera 24″ under counter fridge having a stainless steel door. However, it is more expensive than our number one favorite.

However, the rest of the features are similar. Both Kalamera under-counter fridges have a one-year warranty.

Our third favorite is popular with people and has the highest ratings. It has the most significant holding capacity of the top three, plus a one-year warranty and an exclusive three-year warranty for the compressor.

If you guessed Smith & Hanks Beverage Cooler, you guessed right! It is 24″ and costs the same as our top favorite beer, soda cooler.

Of the top three, the Kalamera 24″ with stainless steel door can be set to the lowest temperature, at 32˚F, followed by Smith & Hanks Cooler with the lowest temperature being 36˚F, and our number one favorite lowest temperature is 38˚F.

The overall verdict is that from our top ten undercounter refrigerators, you’ll get one that fits your household needs.

Happy hunting!

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