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Are you looking for Scotsman Nugget Ice Maker? Then, you are in the right place. There is no fresh drink without nugget ice, and there is no such thing as nugget ice without the best nugget ice maker for your needs.

Every day, we come up with new ideas for homemade drinks, cocktails, and desserts. Modern technology allows us to create from the comfort of our kitchens, and that is the best nugget ice.

Nugget ice is a common treatment for many people worldwide and is suitable for cooling drinks. If you are a member of the ice-chewing club, you’ll want to know how to get a good ice nugget.

Our Top Products

  1. Scotsman Brilliance 
  2. Scotsman UN15 20A1 Under-counter 
  3. Scotsman NO622A-1Prodigy plus 

So, please sit back and relax as we get over you what you need to hear about the best Scotsman nugget ice maker.

Let’s go!

Best Scotsman Nugget Ice Maker – Review

1. Scotsman Brilliance ice machine

The Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine is more expensive than other ice makers. However, for many people, the most important benefit of this machine will be its portability.

It has a self-closing lock, no water warnings, cleaning reminders, and a few other features to help to keep your business secure. In addition, the app’s build quality is excellent.

Scotsman nugget ice maker is a little machine that makes a lot of crunchy “sonic” ice in a short amount of time.

According to Scotsman, this model uses 40% less energy and 50% less water than other stand-alone dedicated models. Personally, I believe it will rely on the setting-a covered patio or an air-conditioned space.

The summary of top features

  1. This Scotsman model makes a lot of traditional nugget ice. However, it can keep up with your demands during large holiday celebrations, backyard barbecues, birthday parties, and unexpected visitors.
  2. This Scotsman nugget ice machine is specifically made for residential use. In the early 1980s, Scotsman produced the original nugget ice machine for the foodservice industry.
  3. Scotsman uses a compound (AgION), a silver-based antimicrobial in nature, incorporated into some of the machine’s parts. This compound helps to prevent bacterial buildup.
  4. Scotsman is a well-known name in the Ice Machine industry.
  5. At just 15 inches tall, this Scotsman model is small. It is also built specifically for home use.
  6. This model is developed, engineered, and assembled in the United States.
  7. Suitable for outdoor use
  8. Self-closing door with a strong hinge mechanism that can handle the weight of the door
  9. Designed to save both water and energy
  10. With a width of just 15 inches, it is a small package


  • It can produce up to 80 pounds per day
  • Temperatures range from 50 to 90 degree F
  • This Scotsman ice maker has a reversible door that can swing left or right
  • Ice bin with light
  • One year parts and labor manufacturer’s warranty


  • It is a small residential machine that produces only a limited amount of nugget ice.

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2. Scotsman UN15 20A1 Under-counter ice machine

This Scotsman ice maker is a highly rated ice machine because it produces ideal nugget ice.

This small machine has a 50-pound storage capacity, which means storing a ton of ice and producing up to 167 pounds of ice per day. For the style, it has a space-saving design.

It is just 20 inches long and 20 inches tall. The front is ventilated.  For quick entry, this model has a door that slides up and down. It’s sealed.

As 20 inches wide, it is a space saver and can be stored under the counter with minimum space investment. The front-breathing design also eliminates the need for side clearance.

This is perfect for small cafes, bars, and restaurants. In addition, it is energy star approved, which means it will have no impact on your electric bill.

The summary of top features

  1. It features a stainless steel evaporator and an auger, Aluminium side panels, maintenance-free sealed bearings, and a leg height adjustment of 6 inches.
  2. For quick access, this model features a sliding door that moves up and down
  3. This item is built to last and can be used in either a residential or commercial environment
  4. Three years commercial and one-year residential warranty
  5. No side clearance needed for the versatile position
  6. The legs can be adjusted to meet your specific needs


  • Easy fitting of nugget making machine under the counter
  • Simple to use and maintain heavy-duty construction for long term use
  • It holds up to 57 pounds of ice in the storage
  • This nugget ice maker is energy certified and good work efficiency
  • It has the capacity to make up to 167 pounds of nugget ice per day
  • Made in the United States


  • The warranty is better suited to commercial use
  • It is relatively a new model, so it is less tried and tested
  • The number of reviews is less

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3. Scotsman NO622A-1Prodigy plus ice maker

This Scotsman nugget ice maker is made for those that require a large amount of ice. It is shaped like a cube and has a shiny finish and smoothed edges.

This is the champion for nugget ice makers, and its weight a whopping 172 pounds, so bring it around the premises if necessary.

Now in this heavy model, it is logical to include a huge ice capacity feature. Yes, you have done an excellent job with your reading.

It is one of the most strong nugget ice makers on the market for both commercial and residential use.

The AutoAlert monitoring system on this device provides real-time information on current operations and ice production data. It also has sensors that warn you when cleaning or maintenance is needed.

The summary of top features

  1. A large portion of this ice maker’s inner parts is made of antibacterial material, which aids in preventing contamination between cleaning.
  2. It features a shiny finish and smooth edges with a total weight of 172 pounds.
  3. This Scotsman nugget ice maker has an incredible ice production capacity of 643 pounds per day.
  4. There is a sensor system within the device that can assist you with diagnostics and machine status.
  5. Designed to save both water and energy
  6. Made in the United States of America


  • One of the most powerful nugget ice makers on the market, with a daily production of over 600 pounds of ice
  • The QR code on the side of the unit, which takes you directly to the user manual and specific sheets, is a beneficial function.
  • Its official user manual is .handy
  • Smart and intelligent operation module conserve energy and water


  • With performance like this, you will need a bigger budget for the ice maker
  • It is a heavy unit. As, its weight is 172 pounds, which makes it stationary

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Value Editorial and Buying Debates

That’s all of us, but is that all to need to know about the Scotsman nugget ice maker? There is something to consider if you want to buy the best nugget ice maker.

After getting to know the intricacies of these useful appliances, it’s time to go over what you need to know before purchasing a chewable ice maker.

To help you figure out what to look for in such a system, we have put together a fast buying guide below.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Scotsman Nugget Unit

Although several manufacturers and appliance companies have tried to create popular home ice machines, Scotsman is the only company that has truly mastered the residential ice maker.

Their ice machines are built to last over ten years (twice as long as other brands), and they are relatively quiet in an otherwise noisy group of appliances.

Scotsman ice makers are excellent, in reality, the best available. A Scotsman ice maker would be useful in any company, workplace, or home. However, there are a few characteristics that set the Scotsman apart from the competition.

Look over these;


Scotsman creates excellent ice. They invented nugget ice and soft chewable ice and discovered new ways to work ice machines and use ice.

Scotsman machine is designed to give high-quality ice. Your ice maker will provide clean, refreshing ice to your customers and family.

As we mentioned earlier, with proper cleaning and maintenance, a Scotsman nugget ice maker can produce high quality and clean ice for up to a decade

2-Quiet operation

This may not sound like a big deal, but it is an important aspect of how ice machines function and mess with other lives.

The loud ice maker will disrupt our sleep and our customers and are simply inconvenient. Another advantage of their units is their low noise levels.

3-Easy maintenance

Any ice maker must be maintained regularly to ensure that it can last and produce pure ice. Scotsman’s units are designed to be easily cleaned, with technology that controls and alerts you to any problem.

Scotsman ice machines are at the top of their game in terms of ice making, repair, and service

4-water conservation

The Scotsman nugget ice maker has been found to use as little as a fifth of the water rivals do. That’s a cost-effective and energy-conscious approach to ice production that’s sure to please homeowners.

Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Maker is best for water and energy conservation.  This model uses 40% less energy and 50% less water than other appliances in the market.

5-cleaning is easy

Scotsman nugget ice maker is built to be simple to clean, allowing you to extend the life of your machine without the need for repairs or replacement.

How to Buy the Best Ice Maker?

Don’t make rash purchases. Here are the most important factors to remember when looking for the best nugget ice maker for your needs and circumstances.

Criteria# 1: How much ice is made?

The amount of ice is generated the first criteria to consider. A large family may require a product that can produce a large amount of ice, while a single person may require a small. For small families, Scotsman ice maker is perfect.

Scotsman UN15 20A-1 Undercounter nugget ice maker is good for producing large amounts of ice as it has the ability to store 57 pounds of ice in its storage bin.

Criteria #2: Is it easy to operate?

It is also important to consider convenience. Some versions are easier to understand than others. For instance, new and top-of-the-best machines will have Bluetooth.

This cutting-edge feature makes it easy to keep track of new ice production. Models that aren’t quite as recent can still have useful features, such as self-dispensing.

Criteria #3:What are the dimensions?

Size is another factor to think about. Again, this is dependent on your needs and situation. A large family might benefit from an under-counter, large model. Others can require a lightweight item that can be easily transported.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often do I need to clean it?

According to a Scotsman, you can clean your ice maker every 6 months. However, If you live in an area with hard water, you can clean it every 3-4 months.

Cleaning your ice maker extends the life of your appliance and ensures that you can keep it in good condition.

Is it possible to reverse the door?

Yes, Scotsman ice makers have field reversible doors. As a default, ice makers come out of the plant with the right hinge configuration.


Nugget ice is prevalent because of its safety, versatility in application, and low cost.

However, if you want to find the best Scotsman nugget ice maker for your needs, we strongly advise you to read through our guide and equip yourself with information before deciding.

As you can see, nugget ice makers range in price from low-cost entry-level models to high-end commercial models. Therefore, before you decide, evaluate your nugget ice requirements and consider all we mentioned.

Every detail matters, particularly when buying a large appliance like this. We hope that we have been able to bring this large subject closer to you and clarify the Hows and Whys of nugget ice makers.


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