6 Best Outdoor Seafood Boiler – With Complete Buyer’s Guide

outdoor seafood boiler

If you are someone looking for the best outdoor seafood boiler, you are in the right place.

Seafood !! Freshly cooked seafood! Nothing can beat its taste, right! A lot of us love seafood also they are healthy. So a hot piping seafood platter with a different kind of fish would be a treat.

However, preparing them at home is quite hard. All types of shellfishes need to be properly boiled to taste good. But having the right tool will make your job easy.

A seafood boiler, the tool available in the market, is a must-have for seafood lovers. It comes with an oversized pot, steamer along with an optional Burner.

We listed our top list of products based on research and customer reviews. Also, we provided buyer guides and FAQs. 

Best Outdoor Seafood Boiler

  1. Bayou Classic Stainless Quart Outdoor Seafood Boiler
  2. King Kooker Portable Propane Outdoor Seafood BoilerBest Overall 
  3. Barton Deep frying Outdoor Seafood BoilerBest economical 
  4. King Kooker Boiling and Steaming Package  – Best in Minimal Outdoor Seafood Boiler
  5. Bayou Classic Stainless Stockpot with Basket Outdoor Seafood Boiler Best Capacity
  6. Professional Grade – All-purpose Boiling Pot – 5 piece setBest Reviewed Outdoor Seafood Boiler

Top Best Outdoor Seafood Boiler – Review

1. Bayou Classic Stainless Quart Outdoor Seafood Boiler

Bayou is our editor’s pick since it comes with everything needed to make your seafood boil. We call it all in one kit.

 This bayou boil and brew contains,

  • A stainless brew vessel / deep vessel with a lid
  • A stainless perforated Steel frying basket
  • Burner with 14-inch cooking surface
  • 12-inch brew thermometer 
  • Stainless steel stir 24 inches
  • Regulator of 10psi

You can make delicious seafood with this kit. The large stainless brew vessel can cook several lobsters and lots of seafood. In addition, the basket will help you in boiling soups, seafood jambalaya, etc.

A long probe thermometer helps in perfect cooking. It measures from 50 to 500 degrees. Also, the clip provided will secure it with the side of the pot. An elevated steamer basket helps with vegetable, seafood steaming. 

If you are someone who starts with seafood boiling, this kit comes with everything you need. Also, you can cook large batches for a party. Best outdoor seafood boiler, but you can use this in the kitchen too.


  • Brew vessel – 44 inches
  • Item weight – 25 pounds
  • Aluminum burner – 58 000 BTU
  • Length Hose: 36
  • Regulator hose – 10psi


  • Large and spacious brew
  • Rustproof burner
  • Best for seafood boils
  • It contains everything needs for a proper seafood boil
  • Easily controllable gas regulator.
  • A large stainless stir for easy 


  • Not for a turkey fry
  • Take more time to boil

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2. King Kooker Portable Propane Outdoor Seafood Boiler – Best Overall 

King Kooker is portable and overall the best seafood boiler. You can fry, boil, steam, and carry anywhere you go. This is a heavy-duty welded cooker. This also comes as a package with everything required for a seafood boil.

King Kooker frying/boiling contains,

  1. Heavy outdoor cooker
  2. A cast burner
  3. The perforated steel frying basket
  4. Aluminum pot for turkey frying
  5. Frypan
  6. A basket with heat resistant handle
  7. Turkey Rack
  8. Lifting Hook

Since this does both boil and fry, it comes under the best overall. A 29-inch cooker allows you to deep fry turkey and boils vegetables and seafood.

A portable cast burner stove is provided for outdoor seafood boiling. It seems large and can fit your kitchen stove too.

A safety timer is attached to this burner, along with a battery-operated timer. The timer will switch off the flame every 15 minutes. You are supposed to insert batteries before use. 

Aluminum pots of 2 different sizes come with this pack. A large pot along with a lid will help in frying a big-sized turkey. The small one is best for small seafood and vegetables.


  • Portable outdoor cooker – 12 inch
  • 29-quart aluminum pot with lid
  • 11-quart aluminum pot 
  • Cast-iron burner – 33,000 BTU
  • Weight – 18.76 pounds


  • Best for both boil and fry
  • Portable cooker for both indoor and outdoor
  • Safety timer in the burner
  • Different sized pots
  • Heat resistant handle


  • No stir is provided
  • The timer stops cooking every 15 minutes

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3. Barton Deep frying Outdoor Seafood Boiler – Best economical 

Barton is best for both frying turkey and boiling kinds of seafood. This is a budget-friendly boil kit on our list.

It works perfectly in boiling seafood and is also perfect for deep frying chicken and turkey. Also, this kit contains everything you need for your boiling.

Barton boil kit contains,

  • A large boil pot
  • Perforated case/steamer basket
  • Thermometer
  • Marinate injection
  • Burner
  • Poultry rack

This boiler has plenty of room to cook. You can boil lots of shrimp, crabs, and other seafood. The whole turkey can be deep-fried in this pot.

A thermometer provides for monitoring the temperature of oil and boil. A burner with a strong frame is provided for outdoor cooking. Marinade injection is included to add more flavors to the meat.

Perforated cases work perfectly for boiling seafood and vegetables. The strong boil pot works perfectly for cooking soup, jambalaya, and low country boil.

A poultry rack attached holds turkey and chicken in place and helps in proper frying. Great for family and travel


  • Burner – 200,000BTU
  • Lenght of regulator hose – 48 inches
  • Capacity – 10 liters
  • Weight – 23.5 pounds


  • Clean and simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Best for frying and boiling


  • No assembly instruction provided
  •  Poor return policy

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4. King Kooker Boiling and Steaming Package  – Best in Minimal Outdoor Seafood Boiler

A simple and portable Outdoor seafood boiler comes next. But, again, this doesn’t have pieces of equipment to confuse.

This design of King Kooker is a good-sized seafood boiler; you can’t fry a turkey with this.

King Kooker boiler, steaming package contains,

  • A flat-topped outdoor burner
  • An aluminum ridge pot
  • A perforated steaming basket
  • A thermometer.

This brand’s kit also holds another place on our list. But this is a simple, strong boiler. An outdoor burner comes in this seafood boiler package. 

A large and strong aluminum pot is provided for boiling. A perforated basket is attached for steaming. A lid comes with this top where the top ring is 15 inches in diameter.

This kit also contains a type 1 deep-fry thermometer and a recipe book. With this pot, you can make seafood boils for a handful of people. To be precise, you can steam up to 18lbs of shellfish.


  • Cast-iron burner
  • 50-quart aluminum pot with lid
  • Top ring – 15 inch
  • Regulator – Type 1 connection
  • Weight – 22 pounds
  • Power source – Propane


  • Best for both seafood boiling
  • Spacious
  • Heavy bottomed pot


  • No stir is provided
  • Not for frying turkey

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5 . Bayou Classic Stainless Stockpot with Basket Outdoor Seafood Boiler – Best Capacity

A good quality outdoor seafood boiler is on the list. This one just contains a large heavy-duty boiler pot or brew kettle. This comes in different sizes, 24 quartz to 162 quartz.

Bayou Classic stainless stockpot contain,

  • A heavy stainless stockpot
  • Stainless steel domed vented lid
  • A perforated basket

Want to buy stockpots of various sizes? Here you go. Seafood oiler from family size to an extra larger is here. A heavy-bottomed stainless-clad pot is perfect for boiling. It has secured welded handles for grip.

It has a vented lid and steamer basket with a handle. The steamer basket was placed 3 inches above the kettle. In this 162 quartz outdoor seafood boiler, you can cook big batch seafood every time.

So this one is best for those who often plan for an outdoor party, beaches. Simply for those who often cook for a large crowd.


  • Stainless steel boiler – capacity varying from 24 quarts to 162 quarts
  • Steamer basket with handle


  • Best seafood boiling and frying turkey
  • Capacity
  • Heavy bottomed pot


  • Side handles are too small and weak

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6. CONCORD Stainless Steel Stock Pot w/Steamer Basket – Best Reviewed 

CONCORD Stainless Steel Stock Pot w/Steamer Basket. This is perfect for all seafood boil recipes. Made with lightweight aluminum material yet strong and best fit for all types of outdoor cooking.

CONCORD Stainless Steel Stock Pot boiling pot set contains,

  • A large 80-quart pot
  • A 12-quart pot
  • A steamer basket

One huge aluminum boiling pot helps you in cooking a large number of seafood example, you. You can boil up to 45 pounds of shellfish. Made with strong and steady aluminum yet feel light. You can fry the turkey in this pot.

A perforated basket helps in proper steaming and frying. Best for both indoor and outdoor cooking. This set contains another small boiling pot of 12 quarts which suit perfectly for cooking pasta and soups.

This brand has good customer service; you can replace or return the product if you are not satisfied within 30 days of your purchase.


  • Weight – 16. 7 pounds
  • Capacity – 80 quarts and 12 quart


  • Sturdy
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Great size


  • Small steamer basket

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How to Buy the Best Outdoor Seafood Boiler? – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

If you are here, definitely a seafood lover swing into the internet just to buy his first seafood boiler or a seafood boiler owner who just wants to buy an updated one, right? Here is our complete guide to getting the best outdoor seafood boiler. 

Things to consider :

Size of boiler/pot

  • First things first, size is a vital thing one     
  • should consider before choosing boilers.
  • Outdoor/party cooking: Large spacious boiler is best.
  • Indoor/outdoor / small-batch cooking – Small compact boilers

 Advantages and disadvantages of Larger boilers –   Boil large batch as well as fry turkey. But needs a perfect stove for boil and need more space to store.

Advantages and disadvantages of Small boiler –    Compact and best for both indoor and outdoor cooking. But you cant cook a few shellfish, which need more water. Likewise, you cant fry a turkey.

What size to choose? Know your need before choosing. Both are perfect in their way.

Quality of boiler 

  • Quality of cooking tool is more important. Never buy pots with enamel coating. A heavy-bottomed kettle/pots are best to buy. The best boiler should withstand heavy heat. Withstand dents and scratches.
  • The bottom should be flat and strong. Prolonged exposure to heat will make thin-bottomed pot damage.

What to choose? Always buy a high-quality, heavy-bottomed, heat, and dent-resistant boil pot.

The flexibility of boiler/pot

  • Buying a boiler with a good amount of money will pay off extra if it serves multipurpose.
  • For instance, we provide few options which can be used for frying turkeys apart from boiling.
  • A good quality pot can be used for brew too.
  • Always buy a multi-functional pot that helps in boiling, steaming, and frying.

What to choose? Know your priorities before choosing one. 


  • While making any purchase, look into customer rating. The customer rating is the best source to know about the actual product

What to choose? Go for highly-reviewed products. Make

sure they have a return policy before buying nil or a low-reviewed product.

Other factors to consider when buying outdoor seafood boiler

  • While making an online purchase, check for a  good return policy over a defective one.
  • Choose one that comes with the catalog
  • The boiler with safety measures is good.
  • Before choosing, make sure the product fits your need. Few pots are exclusively designed for steam, while few were just for frying. 

The Frequently Asked Questions on Outdoor Seafood Boiler

What is a seafood boil?

Any event where shellfish consider a center is called a seafood boil. A seafood boil recipe is nothing but steaming shellfishes in a large pot with a strainer.

What are the best kinds of seafood for boiling?

Shell fishes like,

  • Crab
  • lobster
  • clam
  • shrimps
  • Crawfish
  • Mussels

Other seafood like,

  • Octopus
  • Squid

What are the benefits of buying seafood boiling kits?

  • It contains everything you need to cook a perfect boil
  • Kit with burner is easy to handle
  • Best for cooking large batches
  • Best for beginners
  • A sturdy stand for large, heavy boiler

What are few types of seafood boils?

  • Lowcountry boil
  • Crawfish boil
  • Tidewater boil
  • Beaufort and frogmore stew

Are seafood boiler and turkey fryers are same?

A seafood boiler is a deep, strong pot. It can be used as a turkey fryer too. Make sure you read the product description.

What are the different types of seafood boilers?

Based on use :

  • For powerful and large boiling -Boiler run on LPG / propane 
  • For compact and small boiling – Electrical boilers

Based on operation :

  • Automatically operated – You can set ta timer, and it will off on its own 
  • Manually operated- A normal seafood boiler 

Based on material :

  • Aluminum boiler
  • Stainless-steel boiler 

How to use Thermometer?

To check the heat inside the cooker, inset the thick part of the thermometer inside. Make sure you don’t touch the meat inside.

Does seafood boil hs any disadvantages? 

Definitely not if you choose the right seafood. Boil with high-fat seafood, not ok for health.

Do and don’ts with seafood boilers?

  • Seafood boilers need to handle with care
  • Always wear gloves 
  • Make sure the handles are attached tightly and properly.
  • Always wear safety gear to prevent heat burns. 
  • Seafood boil involves live sea creatures, so keep yourself safe
  • Always work outside or in well-ventilated places.
  • The cooking places should be free from fire hazards
  • Make sure your pot sits properly on the burner
  • Keep it away from kids and pets

Whats is the correct size of the seafood boiler to buy? 

It purely depends on the individual. If you buy for your family, then go for a normal-sized cooker. For parties and big families, go with the commercial one. 

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Final Verdict on 

That’s all, folks !! We provided the list of best outdoor seafood boilers here. I hope you get a good idea before your purchase.

The product which wins our top position is the Bayou Classic Stainless quart Boil and Brew kit. This one comes with everything you need to start a seafood boil.

Also, it scores well in different parameters, from quality to customer reviews. If you want just the steamer pot, go for King Kooker Boiling and Steaming Package. They have boilers of great quality.

That’s it !! Get your seafood boiler and pull the party in your backyard! I hope our reviews help you well in your purchase. 

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