Top 4 Microwave with Silent Mode – Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Microwave with the Silent Mode

Looking for the best Microwave with Silent Mode in the market? Read along.

Microwaves make cooking and reheating much more comfortable. Also, the end beep sound is a much more irritating thing ever. These are two facts that every microwave owner will accept, right?

Old and classical microwaves did not have any option to fix this. Modern oven design has many features, and also a microwave with the silent mode is available. You can mute and unmute these ovens based on your need.

If you are here, probably looking for the best microwave with a mute button, right? Read further to look into our top list and provide a detailed buyer guide to simplify your purchase.


  1. Toshiba Stainless steel Microwave with Sound On/Off and ECO ModeBest Overall option
  2. COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave oven with silent modeBudget pick 
  3. Toshiba smart sensor microwaveBest reviewed microwave
  4. GE Appliances stainless steel microwaveBest countertop microwave

Product Review

1. Toshiba Stainless steel Microwave with Sound On/Off and ECO Mode

Toshiba, the name itself, gives you hope about its quality and feature. This is also hot selling and best-reviewed product in the market.

First, the stainless steel body with a sleek and stylish design scores well with its looks. Second, it is easy to clean and stay new for a long.

It has a cooking power of about 900 watts with 10 different varying power settings. The capacity of this oven is 0.9 cubic feet which is enough for most families.

It has a 6 pre-programmed menu of popular foods for instant cooking. Also, the defrosting option will help you in thawing foods instantly.

It makes defrosting much easier since it calculates the time with respect to the weight of frozen food. By pressing option 8 for a long makes this oven into a microwave with silent mode.

Now the microwave will not make repeated sounds and wakes your whole family awake. Instead, for your alert, it will make a long beep sound for 3 seconds.

Product description

  • Cooking power: 900 w with 10 power levels
  • Capacity : 0. 9 cubic ft. 
  •  Turntable – 10.6 inch ( diameter )
  • Dimension :

Internal -12.36 ’’ *13.66 ’’ *8.7.’’

External -19.2 ’’ *15.9 ’’ *11.5’’

Top Features of the product

  • 900 Watts cooking power with 10 power modes
  • 6 pre-programmed instant cooking option
  • Mute and unmute option for your convenience
  • A 30-second quick option for instant heating 
  • Eco mode for power saving
  • Microwave has chaos mode
  • Easy and quick defrost option depends on the weight


  • Value for money
  • Best microwave with silent mode
  • 10 power level
  • 6 one-click cooking option
  • Compact and effective


  • Low-quality interior LED light

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2. COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave oven with mute button

COMFEE’ comes with one of the pocket-friendly microwaves with quiet door handle. This stainless steel microwave has a simple and minimal design with many features. 

If you think cheap products don’t impress, this one is inclusive of that. This budget-friendly microwave also helps in saving electricity by its eco power-saving mode.

The child lock facility is also there to prevent any accidents. The output cooking power ranges about 700 watts.

This power will effectively heat-ups this compact microwave instantly. Also, it has 10 power modes that allow you to cook different kinds of food with different available temperatures.

The 0.7 cubic feet capacity microwave can easily sit in any part of your kitchen. To make your cooking much simpler, it has 6 pre-programmed options.

You can cook popcorn, potato, and pizza with just one click. Also, it is easy to thaw your frozen foods instantly. Additionally, the microwave can be used as a marine microwave convection oven for outdoor purposes. 

The mute option available will allow you to chill down without shocking or irritating with a long beep sound. This is one of the best cabinet microwaves with silent mode.

The child lock feature in this oven will make the oven locked during cooking. This makes sure your kid or anyone not gets injured from opening and getting hurt from heat.

Product description

  • Cooking power: 700 w with 10 power levels
  • Capacity : 0. 7 cubic ft. 
  •  weight: 23 pounds
  • Dimension : 14.06 x 17.81 x 10.31 inches

 Top Features of the product

  • Stainless steel minimal design 
  • An option to mute and unmute the microwave
  • 700w power with 10 power levels
  • 6 – instant click cooking option
  • Best for small kitchen countertop and cabinets
  • Eco mode for power saving


  • Budget-friendly
  • Eco – power-saving mode
  • Compact
  • Mute option
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Very light. Even moves on door opening
  • Slow heating

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3. Toshiba smart sensor microwave

Toshiba comes with another versatile microwave with a silent mode option. The black stainless steel body is quite impressive with looks and also easy to maintain.

This is a high-power microwave oven with a cooking power of 1100 watts to help you cook quickly. Also, it has 10 different cooking modes. Wide range heat allows you to cook a wide variety of foods.

 6 one-click cooking option is available for popular foods. Also, the defrost options help with thawing food instantly based on time or weight.  The menu and display area are large and clear so that you can operate easily. 

What about melting butter and chocolate with one click? Sounds delicious right, Find a melt / soften option in this oven and save your time.

Food getting burnt while reheating or baking in microwaves is the worst nightmare for most of us.

The smart sensor in this microwave monitors the moisture inside and adjusts the temperature based on it. This feature helps you in getting perfectly cooked food every time.

Pressing the key “8” for a good 3 to 5 seconds will mute your microwave. So no more annoying beep, calm and relax. You will get a single beep alert once your cooking is done.

Product description

  • Cooking power: 1100 w with 10 power levels
  • Capacity : 1 . 2 cubic ft. 
  •  weight: 34 pounds
  • Turntable diameter: 12.4 inches
  • Dimension : 

Internal : 13.07 x 15 x 9.5 inch

External : 20.5 x 17.1 x 12.8 inch

Top Features of the product

  • Stainless steel and sturdy body
  • A silent mode option
  • 1100w power with 10 power levels
  • 6 pre-programmed instant cooking option 
  • Eco mode for power saving
  • Soften and melt function


  • Smart sensor for better cooking
  • Power saving system 
  • 6 auto menus
  • High power microwave
  • Mute and unmute option


  • The Interior light will blink and stops working at high temperatures.

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4. GE Appliances stainless steel microwave

Next comes a compact and neatly designed microwave from GE appliances. This stainless steel body microwave has easy to operate menu with a convenience control menu.

Cooking power ranges about 900 Watt. Like typical microwaves, it also has 10 different power levels. So a wide range of power will surely help you with a different type of cooking and reheating.

The menu is designed straight to the point. It is clear and doesn’t confuse like other ovens. But, of course, you will find all those popular one-click cook options in this oven too.

The clear option for reheating, power level, display clock, and sound control makes this oven stand out from others.

Continuous beep in between morning chores or at peaceful dinner times is irritating for sure. So here comes our most expect sound on/off feature.

The sound option at the bottom will mute the end beep. Usually, the key 8 will be the mute option in most microwaves.

Usually, ” not evenly cooked ” is one of the issues with microwaves. This has a turntable that will be rotating continuously and spread heat evenly.

Finally, another major issue with ovens is accidents with heat. Opening it while working may result in undesired incidents.

Especially when you live with pets and children, this is the main issue to be prevented. There is an option called ” Control lockout,” which will help you with this issue.

Product description

  • Cooking power: 900 w with 10 power levels
  • Capacity : 0. 9 cubic ft. 
  •  weight: 33 pounds
  • Dimension : 19 x 14.5 x 11.5 inches

 Top Features of the product

  • A compact design with a detailed menu 
  • Stainless steel body 
  • Multiple pre-programmed options for instant cooking
  • Defrost and reheating one-click option
  • Option to mute the end beep sound is available
  • Control lockout will prevent accidents 


  • Sound on/off option
  • Minimal Design
  • Best for countertops
  • Control lockout feature


  • No light in the control panel

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How to Buy the Best Quiet Microwave? A complete Buyer’s Guide

Make sure you consider the following few factors before purchasing your oven because this guide will help you with getting the best.

Material and construction

Microwave with silent mode; before getting any oven, makes sure to check the material. This is because ovens involve a large amount of heat, and the material has to be of good quality.

Stainless steel is one of the best materials on this list. They are easy to clean, maintain, and safe too.

Also, getting stainless steel microwave is no big deal. So go for it.

Power and Wattage 

Suppose you want a high-power microwave to go for one whose power ranges high. High power oven cooks quickly, without a doubt. Also, it costs more. So make sure about needs towards power before choosing one.

Size and capacity

Microwaves with silent mode are available in different sizes. Measure or make sure the size of the oven will fit in your kitchen.

When it comes to capacity, you can find a small 0.5 cubic foot capacity for couples to 1.1. cubic feet capacity for families.


These days microwaves come with many updated features to help you. For instance, a microwave with a Silent mode option is not a classic feature. But it fixes a major issue.

Few Microwaves don’t have Eco power-saving mode and child lock features. These two make a lot of sense. First saves you from high electricity bill, another save you from accidents.

 If you need these, make sure you check for them while buying.


End of the day, our pocket will decide. Many budget-friendly options are available in the market. We also featured one of them.

Keep in mind spending a low dose mean you get cheap. So definitely few options with good quality and low prices are there. Also, a good amount of money will get you high power and a long-lasting oven.

Here’s is How to Make a Microwave Silent

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a microwave with a mute button?

Usually, microwaves will make a beep sound after finishing cooking. The sound will be continuous, and you supposed to open the door or off it.

Few people will find this disturbing since the sound make the whole family awake or disturb the peace. So to fix this few ovens come with a silent mode option.

Here you can shut it just with a single key. You can ON the sound back anytime.

How to switch off the beep or activate the silent mode on microwaves?

There are few ways to do this,

  1. Most microwaves will have this feature along with key 8 . By long-pressing this key for a good 3 to 5 minutes, shut your oven.
  2. Few microwaves have an exclusive dial knob for unmute. Instead, you can switch off and on the sound just by pressing it.
  3. Very few will have a secret key for muting. It may be by pressing “1”, “*” even the cancel button. In those cases, make sure to check the manual.

What will happen after switching ON the silent mode?

Once the oven gets muted, you won’t receive any irritating continuous beep at the end. Instead, a few ovens make a soft long beep for 2 seconds. This will notify you about your cooked food where few remain silent after done.

Is silent mode available on every microwave?

No, not every other oven has this feature. Even though this feature is beneficial. Very few ovens possess this mode.

What are the other features available in these days microwaves?

Many features are there; check a few of them below,

Eco-mode: It helps you in a great way. You can save money as well as the earth! Yes, it reduces power usage. Low power consumption sums up all.

Child lock: A usual and necessary feature. Saves from lots of accidents. I will keep the door shut while cooking.

Smart sensor: Avoid food get burnt. It will check the moisture inside and regulates the heat accordingly.

Pre-programmed menu: One-touch cooking option. Most of the microwave’s menu has 6 popular instant cooking options. Popcorn, potato, pizza are a few of them.

Where few ovens have upgraded 18 different programmed cooking options.


Here we came to an end. Microwave with the silent mode is an upgrade that has to be done all back ago. At least now we have this.

Very few silent mode microwaves are available in the market. Here we provided our top 4 picks. 

Out of all, Toshiba smart sensor microwave with silent mode scores high in our rating. Since it is high power as well as the highly reviewed oven in the market.

When you are on a budget, go with COMFEE’ Countertop Microwave oven with silent mode.  It will not disappoint you for sure.

I hope this article is helpful with your immediate purchase!!

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