Microwaves Without Handle Doors – Updated Reviews

Microwave Without Handle

Your hands are covered with baking soda or sauces all over, yet you want to access the microwave?

This is the reason why you need a microwave without handle, so you can open the microwave door with a press of the button.

Look at our picks for the best microwaves without handles, and support your cooking experience more than ever.


  1. Panasonic NN-SB458S Compact Microwave Oven Without Handle
  2. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Microwave Oven with Push-Button Door
  3. Samsung MG14H3020CM Microwave Oven Without Handle
  4. Panasonic NN-CD87KS 4-in-1 Microwave Oven Without Handle
  5. GE Profile PVM9005SJSS Over the Range Microwave Without Handle

Product Reviews

Normally, we make an honest effort to keep our kitchen flawless and clean while cooking or baking. With the introduction of microwaves with a press button door, you can easily get to the microwave without putting your grimy hands on it.

With an amazingly long rundown of microwaves without handles available, it tends to be tedious to track down the most ideal alternative for yourself as well as your family.

That is the reason we’ve researched the choices out there to accumulate a rundown of the best microwaves without handles you can purchase at this moment. 

1. Panasonic NN-SB458S Compact Microwave Oven Without Handle

Summary of top features:

  • 7 preset menus
  • Little ledge impression
  • 900 Watts and 10 force levels

The small-sized microwave without handle by Panasonic has a perfect and smooth look, making it a simple blending machine for each kitchen style.

The microwave with a press button door is reasonably evaluated and will be all that could possibly be needed for most homes, workplaces, and apartments.

Having a powerful yield of 900 Watts and 10 power levels, the microwave without handle can adapt to all your essential preparing necessities and have dinners on the table in a matter of moments.

It gives a limit of 0.9 cu. Ft which can fit a customary estimated supper plate, and the little counter impression makes it ideal for the individuals who have restricted counter space.

The 7 preset auto cook menus make microwave cooking a flat-out easy decision, assisting you with warming or cook potatoes, frozen courses, supper plate, and more with one dash of the auto-cook button.

This small microwave without handle additionally cooks wonderful microwave popcorn. With 3 power levels for each size popcorn pack, it will have popcorn prepared for the movie night in a snap.

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2. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Microwave Oven with Push-Button Door

Summary of top features:

  • 6 preset menus
  • Little counter impression
  • Removable 10″ glass turntable

In case you’re searching for the best spending plan amicable microwave without handle, this one by BLACK+DECKER will be your smartest choice.

It has a much more modest counter impression than the past one, permitting you to let loose significant counter space, which settles on it an extraordinary decision for little spaces like apartments and studio lofts.

The stainless steel finish of the microwave can undoubtedly mix in any kitchen style, and the press button door discharge takes into consideration simple access.

Behind the microwave door, you’ll get down a removable glass turntable for cooking and a roomy inside to fit enormous dishes and supper plates.

The huge LED advanced presentation and the simple to-peruse control board are really direct, so you don’t have to go through hours sorting out some way to explore the capacities.

The simple defrost by time or by weight usefulness lets your experience easy time preheating foodstuffs.

The little microwave without handle boats with pre-customized buttons for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, drink, and supper plate, permitting you to ideally preheat or prepare these foods with one press of the button.

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3. Samsung MG14H3020CM Microwave Oven Without Handle

Summary of top features:

  • 1.4 Cubic Foot
  • Barbecuing component
  • Auto-cook presets
  • Clay lacquer inside

The Samsung MG14H3020CM microwave with press button door, which is likewise one of the most outstanding appraised microwaves without handle available.

You may figure out from checking it that Samsung put a great deal of exertion into the design and assemble measure.

The glossy mirror plan and topsy-turvy shape doubtlessly will add a dash of class to your living space.

One thing that recognizes this microwave from the past ones is it’s barbecuing and grilling component.

It consolidates customary microwave warming innovation and a grilling component in one machine, which implies you can accomplish a crispy texture when you cook pizza, sandwiches, bacon, fish, and more in the microwave.

Besides, the scratch-free and stain-safe artistic finish inside works like a fantasy with regards to cleaning and keeping up with. Essentially clear away oil of the surface, and that is all it needs.

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4. Panasonic NN-CD87KS 4-in-1 Microwave Oven Without Handle

Summary of top features:

  • Sound air fryer
  • Convection baking
  • Inverter microwave
  • FlashXpress Broiler
  • Simple to-clean inside

In case you’re keen on preparing and simmering, the Panasonic NN-CD87KS microwave with press button is for clients who need to accomplish flexible cooking results.

The 1.2 cu. Ft limit microwave without handle joins a microwave, oven, air fryer, and convection stove across the board apparatus, helping you cook, broil, and bakeeasily.

It has a sound air fryer that can quickly circle hot air around food to deliver firm and brown outcomes.

Panasonic’s licensed inverter innovation to get you the most out of the microwave cooking capacity, taking into consideration smart, defrost mode, warming, baking and keeping food warm.

The classy, space-saving plan with a press button door, the microwave without handle looks incredible in any kitchen style.

With sensor warm, and 20 auto-cook programs including potatoes, popcorn, and supper plate, the microwave with press button door assists you with having impeccably pre-arranged dinners on the table.

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5. GE Profile PVM9005SJSS Over the Range Microwave Without Handle

Summary of top features:

  • 2.1 cu. Ft limit
  • Sensor cooking controls
  • Simple to-clean inside
  • 3-speed, 400 CFM venting framework

Assuming you need to get an over-the-range microwave without handle and let loose most counter space, you’ll discover the GE over-the-range microwave with press button fascinating.

The stainless steel finish and tasteful plan of the microwave will bring another bit of luxury to your home kitchen.

The microwave without handle boats a limit of 2.1 cu. Ft, so it would be all that could possibly be needed to make huge dinners for huge families.

It has a powerful yield of 1050W which is higher than the past ones, making it equipped for having large dinners on the table in a breeze.

It’s likewise a microwave and exhaust fan combo. Including a 3-speed, 400 CFM venting framework, it will eliminate smell and smoke from your kitchen immediately, and keep your kitchen perfect and new constantly.

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How to Open a Microwave Without Handle?

Most microwaves without handle available today accompany a press button, so they are additionally called microwaves with press button or microwaves with press button door.

What’s more, as a rule, the press button would situate in the base right corner of the microwave, just underneath the control board.

To open a microwave without handle, simply press the press button, and the microwave door will bust open right away.

Final Thoughts

Microwaves without handle are certainly an advantageous apparatus to have in the kitchens. Additionally, many microwaves with press button doors these days are amazingly evaluated in price while having rich provisions.

Ideally, you’ve tracked down the best microwave without handle for yourself as well as your family from the rundown of top 5 microwaves without handles.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning these microwaves, go ahead and leave us a remark down underneath and we’ll be glad to respond back.


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