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Microwave with Long Cord

Are you on the lookout for a microwave with long power line? Then, you’ve come to the ideal spot since we’ve inspected the best-appraised choices and see what the commercial center has to bring to the table.

We have recorded our top picks for microwave with long string accessible to purchase today. Along these lines, you’ll have the option to track down the best microwave with long cord that suits your way of life.

We have additionally given a supportive arrangement that can be utilized to broaden the power line of your present microwave.


Microwaves with Long Cords: Our 3 Top Picks and Reviews

Subsequent to investigating the power cord length of many microwaves, I’ve discovered that microwaves made by famous brands will in general have longer power cables than those by smaller brands.

In this way, you should look at choices by huge brands first when you’re looking for a microwave with longer power line.

Inside those choices with long cords, I’ve likewise understood that a large portion of them have a power rope of around 3 feet long and that is it.

Try not to worry as of now! We’ll tell you the best way to expand the length of your microwave power line in this post. Read along.

Here are the 3 best microwaves with long power cable:

1. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

This Toshiba EM131A5C-BS microwave has a 3-foot power line. You presumably will not discover anything longer than that for an excellent, stylish choice.

It is a 1100-wattage microwave with a limit of 1.2 cu. ft., and it will allow you to fit a huge supper plate with its 12.4” turntable.

Worked with dark hardened steel outside, it will be an eye-satisfying machine in your living space, while being solid and simple to keep up with.

Joining a huge computerized show and a simple to-peruse control board, a more charming cooking experience will be the outcome.

This microwave with long power cable includes a keen sensor with 6 auto menus, which implies it can naturally change time and power level, when cooking the famous food varieties, for ideal outcomes.

There is additionally an auto defrost mode and mellow/soften setting for convenience. The simple to-clean cavity makes the inside scratch and stain-safe and furthermore takes into account simple upkeep.

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2. Panasonic NN-SN686S Microwave Oven

In the event that you want a microwave that is not difficult to-utilize and at the same time is powerful, you’ll be satisfied with the Panasonic NN-SN686S microwave.

Obviously, it has a long power cord that is roughly 3 feet in length. The other beneficial thing about this microwave with long cord is its hardened steel finish.

You can feel that it is a tough and sturdy unit contrasted with modest plastic elements. You can anticipate that it should stay fit as a fiddle even following long time utilization.

It has a limit of 1.2 cu. Ft, and cooking power of 900 Watts, so it can deal with the cooking needs of a family and convey even and tasty outcomes in a brief time frame.

Combined with the Inverter advances, it creates a consistent cooking ability to abbreviate cooking time and accomplish in any event, cooking results.

The other captivating thing about this microwave with long power cable is that you get 14 auto cook choices, including frozen meals, vegetables, soup, pizza, and cereal.

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3. Panasonic NN-SB458S Compact Microwave Oven

Are you looking for a budget-friendly microwave that has a long cord and rich components? Then, the Panasonic NN-SB458S smaller microwave will not disappoint you.

The extension cord microwave has a power cord that actions around 3 feet in length, which will bring you extraordinary adaptability.

A 10.6 Inches turntable is incorporated to convey equitably cooked dishes. Likewise, you’ll partake in the powerful yield of 900 Watts, and the cunning plan to offer more inside space in a minimized size.

The 7 pre-modified preset menus permit you to have 7 food sources prepared, basically with one press of the button.

You’ll likewise adore the auto-cook alternatives for popcorn. Thus, you can browse power levels to cook your popcorn, contingent upon the size of the microwave popcorn sack.

Additionally, the thoroughly examined highlights, similar to a youngster security lock, postpone start capacity, and keep warm element, can make your cooking experience simpler and more secure.

To finish up, the Panasonic NN-SB458S microwave is a good decision for the spending plan purchaser that needs a long power cord and a little counter impression.

You’ll cherish the quality assembled case and the smart elements of the microwave with long cord.

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How to Expand an Extension Cord for Microwave?

You got a microwave and needed to broaden the power cord? Have your eyes on a specific microwave model, however it has a short power cord?

Follow the most straightforward technique underneath to broaden your microwave power cord:


A power extension cord. All you need is a hardcore AC power additional cord. The extension will assist with expanding the length of the current cord of your microwave, and won’t influence the exhibition of the microwave.

Try to get an extension that has a decent connector, so you will not experience the ill effects of awful associations or different issues.

Likewise, we wouldn’t suggest getting an electrical line that is longer than required, in light of the fact that it will require more power to store and energy to keep up with.

Easy Steps to Expand Your Microwave Cord:

  1. Have the 3 prong power line connected with a powerful extension cord.
  2. Ensure they’re securely and all-round connected, then, run the microwave to check whether it can work appropriately.

Done! as easy as that! You can now partake in the adaptability of a microwave with long extension cord without problem or stress.

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