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Despite the OTC (over the counter) microwaves being a hotcake in the market over the recent years, not all of them come with exhaust fans and light accessories. 

What’s unique about these microwaves with fan and light is that they emit heat through external ducting ventilation or recirculation. Additionally, they have filters that are fitted for recirculating air. 

Selecting the most outstanding microwave with a fan and light will be a daunting exercise for you.

This is because microwaves of this type are available in different makes, programmable features, internal and external dimensioning, and capacities. 

We have simplified your work; you don’t have to search through all the ‘articles’ online to find the right microwaves.

Find below some of our best choices for microwaves with fans and light to better your kitchen experience. 


  1. GE JVM3162RJSS Over-the-Range Microwave
  2. Sharp R1874T Over the Range Convection Microwave 
  3. Frigidaire FFMV1645TS 30’’ Over the Range Microwave
  4. Whirlpool WMH32519HZ Over the Range Microwave 
  5. Bosch 300 Series 5HMV3053U 30’’ Over the Range Microwave

Product Reviews

1. GE JVM3162RJSS Over-the-Range Microwave

This microwave is stainless steel made. Thus, it is easy to clean and also durable to last longer. GE microwave with fan and light has a sturdy build and also a seamless design. 

The most outstanding feature is its 300-CFM venting system with exhaust fans. And with the ability to operate 2-speed venting systems, you’ll never have to worry about smoke, odors, and hot irritating air.

GE microwave will gladly clean the air for you. Furthermore, this is an affordable microwave taking into consideration the first-class ventilation at work. 

Top summary features                                                          

  • 2-speed venting system with 300 CFM
  • Automatic and time defrosting features
  • On/off turntable function 
  • Cook light
  • 10 power cooking levels 

The unit has 10 power levels and easy-to-operate cooking control set, making your work way easier. The automatic on/off buttons control the turntable operation, and its interior is spacious enough, 1.6 ft. cu. to cook a wide range of food.

With a cooking motor power of up to 1000 watts, you can quickly and effortlessly get any meal ready in no time.

Apart from a cooking light attached to shine light in the cooking food, there is also demountable charcoal filler. Its sole purpose is to eliminate dirt and grease because, as they say, “a clean kitchen means healthy food.” 

Other features attached include; automatic defrosting and time controls, 30 seconds incremental cooking time, popcorn, potato, and reheat controls.

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2. Sharp R1874T Over the Range Convection Microwave 

If you like making cakes and browning cookies, this is the microwave for you. This kitchen device comes with a 300 CFM air and freshening fan.  

Convenience for top-range cooking comes from a built-in exhaust system. Get more than ordinary ventilation from the ductless, horizontal, and vertical ventilation systems from the Sharp convection microwave. 

Do you prefer a microwave with a cooking light? Interestingly, this microwave has a hood with high and low settings for cooktop light. You, therefore, get a clear vision of the cooking food from the illuminations of light. 

Top summary features

  • On/off 13-inch ceramic turntable 
  • Easy and smart sensor settings for uncomplicated cooking
  • Convection cooking technology 
  • High/low settings for cooktop light
  • 300 CFM 2-speed ventilation system 

The stainless steel make provides room for simple installation. Additionally, cooking with Sharp R1874T is as easy as sleeping; cooking and programming commands are uncomplicated. 

Why Sharp convection microwave? This is because it comes installed with a convection system that’s 4-way. The convection programs feature up to 12 Compudefrost and Compucook settings. The system crisps, broils, bakes, and browns. 

Moreover, Sharp has a capacious interior; a 13-inch turntable with on/off settings is generous enough to fit large food servings for a small to medium-sized family. 

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3. Frigidaire FFMV1645TS 30’’ Over the Range Microwave

Get every microwave need ‘under one roof’ with Frigidaire FFMV1645TS microwave. First things first, it has what you are desperately looking for; an exhaust fan and light. Besides, this is an affordable microwave. 

This microwave is the best addition to your kitchen place with its LED lighting for illuminating the cooking area and inside the microwave.

Thus meal preparation and cooking becomes easier because the LED lighting remains on as the food cooks. In addition, it has a 220 CFM 2 speed ventilation system.

Therefore, your cooking will be free of odors, excess heat, and fumes. In addition, Frigidaire FFMV1645TS 30’’ allows you the versatility to program and customize your cooking needs with multi-stage cooking.

This is because the microwave gives you the freedom to tailor the cooking times and the power levels to suit you before cooking. 

Top summary features

  • Interior LED microwave lighting to offer more cooking light 
  • 1.6 cu. Ft. cooking capacity 
  • Multistage cooking options
  • 220 CFM 2 venting ventilation system 
  • Charcoal vent filters

Frigidaire also has a generous cooking space. The microwave has a glass turntable that can hold a 13’’ baking pan. To be precise, this is a microwave with a 1.6 cu ft. cooking space. 

Other excellent additions include; one-touch cooking buttons for easy and uncomplicated operation and reheat settings. Therefore you can bake, warm, broil, and prepare food to feed your small or large family. 

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4. Whirlpool WMH32519HZ Over the Range Microwave 

Whirlpool WMH32519HZ is the most ideal for cooking meals for a small to a large-sized family? The unit guarantees you first-class service in terms of cooktop lighting and the removal of odors, fumes, hot air, and grease. 

If you are fond of cooking at odd hours of the night, this is the microwave. With cooktop lighting, you won’t have to disturb your sleeping partner since the light is enough for monitoring cooking food.

Dear passionate cook, get the right amount of ventilation with Whirlpool WMH32519HZ 3 speed ventilation fan.

The 300 CFM motor class permits you an exciting cooking time by getting rid of all the odors and annoying warm air with its 3-speed fan. Note that the 3-speed fan is one of the best in this category. 

Whirlpool microwave with fan and light is 1.9 cu ft. in size, meaning you can cook large food portions for your family.

Furthermore, it has an on and off turntable option. This function purely lets the turntable rotate or not fit large food dishes. 

Other worthwhile additions to this microwave with fan and light include; sensor cooking to monitor and regulate the cooking time, smart touch controls for easy operation, steam attachments for steam cooking foods like fish and vegetables, and a rack. 

Top summary features

  • Electronic touch controls
  • Smart sensor cooking
  • 3 speed 300 CFM ventilation 
  • Steam cooking ability 
  • Cooktop lighting 
  • Nonstick interior for easy cleaning 

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5. Bosch 300 Series 5HMV3053U 30’’ Over the Range Microwave

First things first, Bosch 300 series is made with the option to be fitted with a Bosch convection oven or slide-in range. 

Bosch 5HMV3053U over the range microwave is 1.6 cubic feet to give you room to cook large food servings. Its sleek design is in line with Bosch’s line of products. 

The preeminent consideration is its ventilation properties. Bosch microwave with fan and light comes with a 3000 CFM ventilation system.

Moreover, it comes attached with 2-speed exhaust fans with recirculation or venting options. Therefore your cooking will be free of odors, smoke, and grease. 

Top summary features

  • Popcorn programs
  • 1000 watt power 
  • 2 speed, 300 CFM ventilation system 
  • LED illumination for excellent lighting 
  • Cooktop lighting 

Find also the cooktop lighting very efficient for your cooking needs. It illuminates enough light to give clear visibility of the cooking area for obvious reasons.

Moreover, the LED lighting present in the controls presents the best lighting for an easier and uncomplicated cooking time. 

For convenience, Bosch features up to three crucial controls. First, popcorn presets give you the freedom to enjoy popcorn from the popcorn program.

Reheating settings automatically sense and program the cooking time and power levels. Lastly, the timer with the cook function also automatically shuts down when your food is ready. 

Furthermore, the LCD has simple-to-understand LED white written instructiThis microwave is powerful enough to cook various foods with With a 13’’ turntable and a 1000 watt motor foods. 

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What Other OTC Microwaves with Fan and Light Can I Choose From?

Since your main interest is in microwaves with exhaust fans and light, other considerations may matter. OTC microwaves with motor power from 700-1000 wattage power may be an important consideration.

Some of the most outstanding microwaves in the market with a fair price include; 1.7 cu. Ft. Samsung Over the Range Microwave, 1.4 cu. Ft.

Haier Over the Range Microwave, Insignia Stainless steel over the range microwave, Amana AMV2307PFS, and SMETA Oven 30’’

What to Look for When Buying a Microwave with a Fan and Light?

Buying over-the-range microwaves with an exhaust fan and light isn’t your everyday kitchen improvement. Instead, you are investing in quality and authenticity.

The obvious requirements include power levels, power outputs, cooking capacity, popcorn feature, defrost and reheat settings.

Lighting controls 

At times we find ourselves late in the night rummaging through leftover food in the kitchen. But what if I tell you that some microwaves come with cooktop lights with various controls?

Ensure that you buy a microwave with both high and low light settings. This will help light your cooking area at night and during the day.

Charcoal filter 

A charcoal filter is a necessary addition, especially when you are performing massive cooking tasks. This is an incredible attachment since it eliminates the odors, fumes, and grease while you cook. 

If the vent isn’t emitting the fumes, grease, and odors outside, then charcoal filler should be available in your microwave. 

Fan (exhaust) speeds

An exhaust fan with up to 3 speeds is an important consideration while buying a microwave with an exhaust fan and light.

Most microwaves have exhaust fans with 2 speeds. Selecting the best microwave with a powerful exhaust fan means that you can make more cooking without fear of odors, smoke fumes, and grease.

Cooktop lighting 

We are always looking for versatile and self-sufficient kitchenware to solve most of our problems. That’s why a microwave with a cooktop light is a worthwhile investment.

You wouldn’t want to throw your money. A microwave with a cooktop light helps you have a clear vision of the cooking food and comes in handy, especially during the odd hours of the night. 

The cooktop light illuminates the top of the cooking area and LED emissions to add to the lighting. Ensure your microwave comes with a cooktop light. 

Exhaust maximum CFM 

Well, the exhaust fan is directly affected by the exhaust maximum CFM. It decides how the exhaust fan would operate.

Drawing all the steam, cooking odors, fumes, and grease is an easy task with a powerful exhaust fan, especially when performing heavy cooking tasks. 

Most microwaves in the market have a CFM from 150 to 400 CFM. Therefore, we would advise you to choose a microwave from 200 CFM, but a 300 CFM microwave would be the best addition. 


Manufacturers give up to 3 years of warranty. Manufacturers give a warranty for the whole unit or the motor.

It is important if you would check for the product’s warranty before making any purchases. This will save you lots of pain, time, and costs in the future. 


Most microwaves run on powerful motors from 400 watts for low wattage microwaves to 1200 watts power. So a 700-watt motor power would still cook like a 1200 watt power, but the difference is its time to execute.

A powerful motor means faster and convenient cooking. Choose one that would quickly allow you to fix a meal or a snack in under 4 minutes. 

Pricing, on and off turntable features, smart sensor controls, non-stick interior for easy cleaning, steam cooking options, charcoal vent fillers, and defrosting features. 


Since you are looking for the most convenient microwave for your cooking needs and you have already read the article above, that’s all we could offer in terms of buying guide.

A microwave with an exhaust fan and light is a convenient and efficient microwave and an innovative invention. It is meant to liberate us in our kitchen cooking.

A 2 speed or a 3 speed 300CFM microwave with an exhaust fan and light will serve you well. 

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