Microwave Drawer Vs Built in Microwave

Microwave Drawer Vs Built in Microwave

Feel conflicted between a microwave drawer or an in-built microwave? Microwave Drawer Vs Built in Microwave, which best suits your way of life?

With appropriate consideration, a quality microwave can last for many years, and in this way, pick the right one for your kitchen.

Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of microwave drawer and inbuilt microwave, then make a decision on which would be your best pick.

Microwave Drawer

What Is a Microwave Drawer?

A microwave drawer is a microwave that opens like a drawer as opposed to having a swinging door. Also, you’ll put and recover your dishes from the top instead of the front of the microwave.

Unalike to conventional microwaves that have a swinging door fixed on the pivot, microwave drawers can be pulled out like a drawer, so it’d make a superior alternative for left-handed individuals.

Microwave drawers are usually placed in a lower cupboard or kitchen island, so it’d save you significant counter space.

All microwave drawers in the market will, in general, have similar interior sizing, which are roughly 7.31 inches wide x 7.13 inches high x 16.56 inches down or 1.2 cubic feet.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Microwave Drawers


  • The lower cupboard and kitchen island establishment allow you to have more counter space to do other cooking chores.
  • Having controls on top and a draw-out door, microwave drawers make it simple for both right-handed and left-handed individuals to use.
  • Having the option to get cooked food from the top, microwave drawers let you get cooked dishes without twisting around, making things much simpler for shorter individuals or physically disabled people.


  • They need proficiency to install.
  • A small amount of food can be cooked at once

In-Built Microwave

Like microwave drawers, inbuilt microwaves are intended to save you a ton of important countertop space. These microwaves can squeeze into a wall, cupboard, or kitchen island and accomplish a furnished sleek look.

The term inbuilt microwave was typically used to allude to microwaves with a drop-down door intended to be introduced through a wall or cupboard.

Nowadays, countless countertop microwaves can be installed with a trim pack to accomplish an inbuilt look.

Inbuilt microwave with the drop-down door can offer you advantageous stacking on the door, and its entryway handle and controls on the top likewise make it helpful for left-handed individuals to use.

These microwaves come in different sizes and limits, so clients can pick the one that meets their requirements.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Built-in Microwaves


  • The drop-down door offers helpful stacking, so you can put your hot dishes on the door while doing other stuff.
  • The inbuilt design normally saves you a lot of counter space.
  • Inbuilt microwaves come in various sizes. So regardless of whether you live alone or live with a large family, you can easily procure a built-in microwave that meets your cooking needs.
  • The controls and door handle on the top make it similarly simple for left-handed and right-handed individuals to use the appliance.


  • Like microwave drawers, the built-in microwaves also require professional installation.

Microwave Drawer Vs. Implicit Microwave: How to Decide Between Them?

Let’s be honest — picking between microwave drawers and inbuilt microwaves can be troublesome. Nevertheless, they have a few resemblances.

They share similar placement positions, and they also need a professional technician during the installation process.

Also, after the review of their advantages and disadvantages, I’m afraid there’s no outright champ between them.

With regards to the inbuilt microwave versus microwave drawer comparison, everything descends to your way of life.

However, there are some frequently asked questions to guide you with choosing which one is best for you:

For example, what number of individuals are there in your family?

Ask yourself the number of individuals you’ll have to take care of before you place an order. As we’ve referenced above, microwave drawers normally are made of 1.2 cubic feet capacity, which may not be adequate for a big family.

In other words, on the off chance that you need to prepare large meals, you can get an inbuilt microwave that is adequately huge to serve a big family and your visitors.

Will you be living with kids or disabled individuals?

You can get a kid safety lock setting in both microwave drawers and inbuilt microwaves, so you can keep kids from coincidentally getting to the microwave.

Be that as it may, in case you’re living with kids or physically disabled people and it’s safe for them to operate microwaves, then microwave drawers would be a good choice for you.

The fact that you can install it in lower cupboards or have it wall-mounted, microwave drawer would make things simpler for children and the disabled.

Final Thoughts

With regards to microwave cooking, all of us are about convenience. In this way, we need to put convenience first while picking either a microwave drawer or an inbuilt microwave.

Both microwave drawers and inbuilt microwaves enjoy the benefits of saving counter space and having the option to make cooking simpler for left-handed individuals.

In case you doubt whether a microwave drawer or inbuilt microwave is appropriate for you, the advantages, disadvantages, and factors to consider reviewed above should assist you with choosing.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice of preference and way of life that will win you over. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any concerns.


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