Magic Chef HMM1110B Review – Is It Worth Your Cash?

Magic Chef HMM1110B Review

Recently, an ever-increasing number of manufacturers are attempting to drive into the microwave businesses with their budget-friendly items. However, the quality changes.

Since the nature of microwaves in the commercial center changes significantly, we should be keen on picking the right one for our home kitchen.

Magic Chef HMM1110B is one of the famous, cheap microwaves accessible to purchase. It cost under $70, and appears to be a decent item.

Is it truly worth your cash and time? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Magic Chef HMM1110B? We should check whether it’s an extraordinary decision for you in our in-depth audit beneath.

Read along Magic Chef HMM1110B Review

Magic Chef HMM1110B Review


The primary concern of a microwave we’d consider is its size. The elements of the Magic Chef HMM1110B are 15.7 in. (D) x 12.1 in. (H) x 20.2 in. (W).

Contrasted with different alternatives in the commercial center, it won’t be viewed as a big unit. We’d say it’s a medium to large model.

Its size is the ideal fit for a little family, office break room, etc. In case you’re searching for a microwave for school apartments, little condos, or camper vans, this will not be your smartest choice. It will occupy more counter room than you’d like.

Limit and Wattage

The cooking limit and power yield are the primary elements to consider also. For apartments and condos, a low wattage microwave would be great.

Notwithstanding, in case you’re searching for a unit for family use, a higher power empowers it to deal with additional cooking necessities.

The microwave brags a cooking limit 1.1 cu, ft, which is sufficiently open to fit a large measured supper plate, and equipped for planning dinners for a little family.

Most microwaves of such value range accompany a cooking power of 600 Watts to 800 Watts. With regards to the Magic Chef HMM1110B, you’re getting a wattage of 950 Watts, which implies it can warm up food in a short time.

Both the limit and wattage of the Magic Chef HMM1110B are shockingly fulfilling for a minimal expense alternative. The somewhat high cooking power and effective limit will furnish you with incredible adaptability in your regular cooking measure.

Simple to-Use and Easy-to-Clean Controls

It will give you hard time in the event that you need to explain to each visitor or babysitter regarding how to work the microwave in your kitchen. That is the reason picking a simple to utilize microwave is fundamental.

The electronic control board of this microwave is really direct. Accordingly, it’s not difficult to use. You can undoubtedly sort out some way to explore it even without the user manual.

Without any dials or fastens, the plain control board is amazingly simple to clean and keep up with. A couple of wipes with a sodden material is all it needs to keep it spotless and sparkly.

Glass Turntable for Even Cooking Results

The simple to-utilize microwave accompanies a 12.40-inch glass turntable. Glass turntable will pivot the food when it’s warming.

Subsequently, you could anticipate completely cooked dishes, and say farewell to cold spots and overcooked edges.

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Helpful Auto-Defrost

An auto defrost mode is extremely helpful for improving your cooking interaction. The auto defrosts capacity of the Magic Chef HMM1110B allows you to thaw out frozen food varieties by weight or time.

It works effectively thawing out frozen meat, and vegetables while giving you an easy time not changing settings all the time.

Useful auto-cook presets

Prearranged cooking menus are rarely found in low-valued microwaves. One advantage of the Magic Chef HMM1110B is that it has 6 auto-cook settings.

The 6 auto-cook presets incorporate well-known food varieties like frozen vegetables, potato, and pizza.

These auto-cook settings let you cook these well-known food stuff with one press of the button, and save you the dissatisfaction of guessing power level and cooking time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Magic Chef HMM1110B


  • Cheap
  • Proficient 1.1 cu. Ft. cooking limit
  • Magnificent 950 Watts of cooking power
  • Simple to-utilize electronic controls
  • 6 auto-cook choices


  • Somewhat noisier than different models available
  • The door button is difficult to push

Decision: Low-Cost, and Impressive!

That wraps our in-depth analysis on Magic Chef HMM1110B. This minimal expense ledge microwave can adapt to all your essential cooking needs than the majority of the cheaper options available.

It is conceivable due to its effective limit and moderately high power wattage. It’s particularly great for little families and medium-sized kitchens, because of its medium-to-large size.

The all-dark plan makes it look incredible in any kitchen style. Furthermore, the way that it’s really simple to utilize makes a major selling point. The auto-cook settings are a major shock to have in a minimal expense microwave.

With everything taken into account, it’s certainly a decent buy given that it just costs $69.98. Put it in your buy list if you have sufficient ledge space for it and you don’t bother with any extravagant features.

But, in the event that you incline toward models that are peaceful and simple to open, you ought to consider something different.

Need a superior other option? A great, smart microwave of approximately the same value would be BLACK+DECKER EM031MB11 1.1 cu. Ft. microwave (retailing for $99.99 — yet frequently on special for $89 or less).

Magic Chef HMM1110B Review (Final Thoughts)

Finally, I hope you have learned more in the Magic Chef HMM1110B Review. You can now make an informed decision to purchase this microwave based on the information we provided. In case you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.


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