Best Gotham Steel Pan Reviews and Buyer Guide

gotham steel reviews

Are you looking for the best gotham steel pan in the market? If yes then you are at the right place.

The importance of cooking cannot be underestimated, be it for domestic or commercial purposes, as it suits your ideal case scenario.

Given this, it can be a daunting task that requires patience, resilience, and intense care to come up with a palatable meal, sumptuous enough to delight anyone who feeds on such a meal.

The meal, however, cannot be prepared and eaten without kitchen utensils alongside other cutleries.

Considering how difficult it is to make meals with most of these utensils, professionals embark on exploration to discover materials that could aid cooking seamlessly and preserve the taste of the meal irrespective of the cooking duration.

You will agree that certain meals change tastes when cooked with certain cookware, which results from the burning effect occasioned by probably how long the meal stayed on fire.

Given this, experts went out of their way to build and design a Gotham steel pan to enhance cooking; it’s easy to manage and maintain, unlike other cooking wares that have been before its arrival.

We ran a brief review of 10 Gotham steel pan you can trust.

Several Gotham steel pans exist; this review will help you make the best choice and get real value for your money.

Our Top Picks

  1. Gotham steel 10-Pcs Nonstick
  2. GOTHAM STEEL Multi pots and Pasta Pots
  3. Gotham Steel Square 11” skillet
  4. Gotham Steel 5.5” Jumbo Brown cooker
  5. Gotham Steel Square Chef’s Frying Pan
  6. Gotham Steel 10-Pcs Nonstick
  7. 12.5” inches Non-stick Titanium Frying Pan
  8. 10.5-inch Non-Stick Grill pan
  9. Ti-Cerama Nonstick 9.6” Gotham Steel Baking Pan
  10. Nonstick Cooking Tray Gotham Steel Pan

Product Reviews 

1. Gotham steel 10-Pcs Nonstick

Are you looking to fit your kitchen with requisite pans, pots, etc.? Gotham steel 10-Pcs nonstick should be ideal for you. It comes with 10 pieces evenly distributed along with pots, pans, etc.

In its properties is a combination of high-quality titanium and ceramics, which coats and beautifies the surface.

Contained in the 10-Pcs are two frying pans, a small and one medium-sized pot that come with covers respectively, one frying pan lid, a large baking or steaming pot with a lid and steamer.

Summary of top features

  • Highly durable given the extreme quality materials combined in producing these kitchen wares, which on their own are versatile with several functions.
  • Browns food with ease given to the nonstick surface
  • It’s not corrosive; just like other kitchen wares, the Gotham steel 10-Pcs Nonstick does not rust when in contact with water through washing to keep neat; this is due to coating with ceramic unique properties of titanium.


  • The nonstick coating is epic; your food does not have to stick to the pan while cooking. Huge credit to a ceramic coated surface
  • Lightweight and strong, cooking is a task; giving this, you do not need the extra task of lifting heavy cookware; the Gotham steel pan is just light.
  • It can be cleaned immediately without washing; cleaning the Gotham steel pan is easy since it’s nonstick while preparing a meal.
  • There’s no health implication since it’s not produced with harmful materials. All Gotham steel products are non-toxic, duly certified PTFE/PFOA, and PFOS free; given this, you can cook your meal with peace of mind for everyone.
  • It’s not corrosive in any way, do not rust after contact water over time.


  • It’s a bit expensive to afford
  • loses heat almost at the same pace at which it gets heated quicker.
  • A better conductor than stainless steel

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2. GOTHAM STEEL Multi pots and Pasta Pots

GOTHAM finally sees the need to introduce pasta pot occasioned by corresponding necessity to reduce strain at kitchen top.

It’s a 5-quart/4-quart pot aligned with a locking lid to cover and protect your meal.

Summary of top features

  • It’s customized with heavy and tempered glass that withstands maximum pressure.
  • With the crystal clear top appearance, you can look at your meal while cooking without necessarily opening the lid while cooking your pasta.
  • With the tempered glass nature, the heat evaporates easily from the pot while cooking. The lid is easily adjustable to let out water without opening. Additionally, the handle remains cold even at high temperatures, what a rare feature of random pots.
  • A look at the interior shows it’s coated with ceramic and titanium.


  • The best pasta ware with non-stick coating
  • Cleaning pots has never been easier as it’s with GOTHAM STEEL Multi pots
  • Not produced with harmful materials such as PFOS/PTFE, etc., there’s no health implication in meal preparation.
  • Oven and dishwasher safe


  • It’s not evenly adjustable with induction cookware.

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3. Gotham Steel Square 11” skillet

In line with delivering excellent and reliable cooking wares, Gotham has designed a power-packed square shape non-stick skillet that can be used to prepare meals in large quantities.

To make it endearing is the fact that you can afford it even if you’re on a low budget; it’s a cook’s favorite given its wide acceptability and patronage.

Summary of top features

  • It comes in three respective sizes, usually the 9.5”, 11”, and 12.5.”
  • It can be used in an oven.
  • It’s so flexible in the application that it can be used to bake, fry, and boil foods while assuming different dimensions.
  • With a strong coated insulated handle, you do not feel hot while preparing your meal.


  • Made of aluminum material
  • Comes in varying sizes, which gives you the option to choose an ideal size.
  • It obtains a non-stick nature given to a surface coated with ceramic and titanium.
  • Since it’s non-stick, you do not apply oil before cooking


  • No lid of the skillet

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4. Gotham Steel 5.5” Jumbo Brown cooker

Are you in need of preparing roasted and boiled food together? Gotham now has a cooking pan that meets your aspiration.

The Gotham steel 5.5” Jumbo Cooker is a non-stick ware that is considered a multi worker pan was given to its’ ability to roast and boil your respective meals all at once, its reaction with high temperature is immediate.

Summary of top features

  • It’s big enough to contain a large meal
  • In line with a health concern, which means it’s not harmful to your health.
  • It’s coated with minerals.
  • Its handle is insulated, which ensures your hands do not get burnt while cooking.


  • It’s long-lasting
  • Not harmful to a dishwasher
  • The handle is well insulated to avoid getting hot irrespective of the cooking temperature.


  • Not suitable for induction

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5. Gotham Steel Square Chef’s Frying Pan

If you need to cook for 5 to 6 persons, Gotham has finally invented a cooking pan that meets your demand.

It’s a large-size frying pan that comes with a little price; in Gotham’s frying pan series, the steel square chef’s frying pan is measured to be 12.5” is the largest of them all.

Summary of top features

  • Sizable enough to accommodate a meal for a maximum of 6 persons
  • It has a unique shape
  • It hastens cooking
  • It’s made of aluminum material
  • With a nonstick copper coated surface


  • It’s ideal for high steel cooking
  • Good for dishwasher and induction
  • Cooking is relatively easy with Square Chef’s Frying Pan.
  • Coating is nonremoving
  • The handle has a high resistance to heat
  • Washing this cooking ware is easy


  • It comes without a lid

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6. Gotham Steel 10-Pcs Nonstick

With the Gotham steel set of ten essential cooking wares, you are on your way to an improved experience in the kitchen all day.

As a cooking freak, here’s one of the best wares Gotham had ever produced. It’s priced slightly above one hundred dollars having made of different sets as follows;

1.5-quart saucepan with a lid, 2.5-quart saucepan with a lid, a 5-quart dutch oven that comes with a lid, 8.5” frying pan, a 10.25” frying pan with a lid, a steamer insert to fit the dutch oven.

Given this, you can fry, boil, steam, and make varying meals with this one set of wares.

Summary of top features

  • It comes in different ten different sets, all with lids
  • Comes with a steamer for the dutch oven
  • Different meals can be prepared using varying sets
  • The lids are made from heavy-duty, durable, high-tempered glass, which makes breaking impossible.
  • With a well-fitted handle for the lids to be handled safely
  • It comes in black and gold color. Additionally, it’s dishwasher safe, oven safe, and nonstick


  • The price is affordable
  • The quality of the pan is top-notch
  • There is no health implication in coking with this Gotham Steel


  • The handle is neither made of rubber nor any grip
  • Not ideal for induction cooktops
  • Frying pans are not deep enough

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7. 12.5” inches Non-stick Titanium Frying Pan

Looking to replace an old frying pan? Gotham 12.5” frying pan will meet your ideal case requirements; if you want to experience frying without oil and butter, this frying pan will give you just that pack.

You won’t believe it has a metal handle that stays cool throughout cooking; why won’t it make an ideal pick for a cooking freak?

It’s a bit expensive for one frying pan, though, but it worths the spending, I can assure you; I can assure you that not even a hammer can break it despite being light.

Summary of top features

  • Nonstick, oven, and dishwasher safe
  • It’s scratch-proof
  • Frying does not involve oil of any kind, what a plus
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use


  • It moderately sized, neither too big nor considered too small
  • Nonstick, which makes cooking easier
  • It’s just safe since it’s not made of harmful materials that could endanger your health.
  • It’s easy to maintain with such a lightweight


  • You should be mindful of your meal getting burnt, as cooking should be done at low heat.
  • if used on high heat, its bottom goes warp

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8. 10.5-inch Non-Stick Grill pan

If you are looking for a frying pan that fries and grills, this 10.5-inch Non-Stick Grill Pan should make your pick. Considering its size, your grilling stick and ribs will fit in perfectly.

Made from high-grade ceramic, nonstick, and super durable. It functions just like the legendary korean grilling pan.

If you love grilling but prefer it inside on your stove, this pan does that just perfect for you; with the ability to withstand high heat, you’ve just got to concentrate on frying and grilling.

Summary of top features

  • It’s lightweight, dishwasher safe, and nonstick
  • Made from high-grade ceramic
  • It’s sizable enough
  • It has built-in ridges that allow your food to get ridged and grilled
  • It’s easy to maintain and keep clean without scrubbing and soaking


  • It makes cleaning with clothing easier that you do not need scrubbing and soaking
  • you can fry and cook without oil or butter
  • It’s lightweight which withstands heat too
  • Its durability is top-notch
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Not ideal for induction cooktops
  • Giving to its shallow edge, grilling with sauces is not ideal or encouraged.

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9. Ti-Cerama Nonstick 9.6” Gotham Steel Baking Pan

Here’s a traditional baking pan you can’t afford to miss for your cake, baked chips, or casserole.

With the Ti-Cerama Nonstick 9.6” baking Pan, your baking becomes fun and not a task anymore.

Its size is 9” by 13”, a perfect fit for smaller ovens, its durable steel prevents it from getting rust, dishwasher safe, and ability to withstand heat.

Summary of top features

  • 9”-13” in size
  • Nonstick and dishwasher safe
  • It does not rust after contact with water,
  • not even corrosive
  • Made of durable steel


  • It’s deep enough to accommodate all types of meal
  • The design is captivating and stylish
  • It can withstand high heat with maximum durability
  • Compact in size


  • Removing from the oven may constitute a hard task since there’s no handle to make it safer.
  • It has no lid built in it.

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10. Nonstick Cooking Tray Steel Pan

Here’s is a cooking tray for your biscuits and sweet cookies; you can cook your favorite sweet meals without worrying about sticking them in the pan.

Its material is durable steel, which does not involve difficulty in washing with the ability to withstand high heat.

This tray is enough and dishwasher safe for all sizable baking, too, usually comes in copper and black.

Summary of top features

  • It’s durable and withstands heat
  • Made up of steel material
  • It’s nonstick
  • Comes in copper and black


  • Highly durable and stylish
  • Ideal for baking cookies and biscuits
  • It’s dishwasher safe
  • It’s nonstick


  • It’s not deep, not versatile for baking
  • It can be difficult to remove from the oven since there’s no handle; while this cookware may be accepted by many, this may discourage few users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gotham steel cooking pan made up of?

The Gotham steel is strictly a combination of Titanium and Ceramic, which are all neutral elements.

By implication, titanium gives the steel pan its long and lasting durability. In essence, the ceramic makes for its nonstick, which is welcomed and ideal cooking ware for every cook freak.

I am confused about Gotham copper pans?

People sometimes misinterpret products in such a way as to give a fake impression of what does not exist.

There’s nothing like Gotham Copper Pans that said the Gotham steel is being confused with a product called the “Red Copper Pan.”

The Red Copper frying Pan is a pan that looks exactly like the Gotham steel pan in physical appearance.

They both have similar front shapes; their difference can only be spotted when flipped over, while the bottom of the Red Copper Pan is red, that of the Gotham steel pan is dark grey.

The Red copper pan is nonstick, cooks quickly, and readily easy to clean.

Are the Gotham steel products toxic?

Gotham steel pan is made up of Titanium and ceramics, both neutral elements in nature, void of any form of toxicity.

Additionally, all Gotham steel products are non-toxic, duly certified PTFE/PFOA, and PFOS free; given this, you can cook your meal with peace of mind for everyone.

Could my food begin to stick, having used Gotham still pan for a while?

For the record, all Gotham steel pans and cookware live up to its claims. However, if you noticed that your food is beginning to stick to your pan, it could result from using too much heat for cooking.

For longevity of your pan and the best experience, it’s advised that you should use low heat temperature in cooking.

It does not delay your cooking time in any way, giving that got steel pans are built to distribute heat evenly.

I need recipe ideas and tutorials; where can I get one?

Well, from quick and easy breakfast delight to dinner, etc. It can be found in the Gotham steel cookbook, all to your delight and unique experience.

Does the Gotham steel cooking pan work well in the oven?

Gotham steel pan is ok in the oven, but it’s advised you don’t go over the recommended temperature for the best experience. It cooks eggs and other foods without oil.

Why should I avoid olive oil in the Gotham steel cooking pan?

This steel is titanium coated with steel; it’s designed for cooking without oil or butter. However, if you choose to use any oil or butter, always use it at the proper heat settings.

How do I store my Gotham steel cooking pans?

It’s advised that you should dedicate a particular place to hang your nonstick pan; you are discouraged from stacking these pans over another; if you must stack them, do place a paper towel between them.

When you stack them against the recommendation, the bottom of a pan will rub against another, causing the nonstick surface to scratch.

Should I use a metal utensil on my Gotham pan?

Metal utensils can cause a real-time scratch on the nonstick surface of your Gotham steel pan; you are advised to always use wooden or silicone instead of metal or steel utensils.

Silicon utensils are much durable and can withstand maximum heat at the same time.

How do I manage temperature changes?

It’s advised that sudden temperature changes should be discouraged for the Gotham steel pan; it could cause the nonstick pan some warp or eventual damage.

This may not be noticeable at first but sure affect cooking afterward, giving, always allow your steel pan to cool properly before inserting or submerging it into water.

Is the Gotham steel cooking pan dishwasher safe?

Yes, Gotham steel ceramic nonstick pan is dishwasher safe; you are however advised not to use strong abrasive materials like steel wool or abrasive scrubbing pads on its surface.

For your cleaning best result, kindly use a paper towel to wipe the surface when it finally gets cool away from heat.

Is Gotham steel pro compatible with an induction stove?

Point blank, as per the manufacturer guide, Gotham steel Pro 2-piece ceramic nonstick fry pan is not customized for induction stovetop similarly does not support induction cooking.

What is the smallest Gotham steel frying pan?

If you do not wish to go for a bigger size of the Gotham steel frying pan and prefer the smallest, I think you should make do with the Steel Pro Ceramic nonstick fry pan measured at 8.5” in Size.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying

The size of the Gotham steel fry pan

The Gotham steel pan comes in several sizes; it’s advisable to be informed before purchase to avoid making a wrong decision.

For example, if you cook for yourself alone, do go for a small size fry pan.

For example, the Gotham steel pan comes in,

  • 9.5” shallow pan
  • 10” stainless steel fry pan
  • 11” square shallow pan
  • 11.5” stainless steel fry pan etc.
  • 12” and 13.”

Since these fry pans vary in size, it’s ideal you are abreast beforehand.

If you are searching for a cooking pan to prepare a meal for, say, a maximum of 6 persons, the 13” stainless steel should be ideal in this case.

The pan is nonstick while cooking

With this property, you may not have to worry about your meal being stuck to the pan; this could come with a feeling of washing the Gotham steel with water instead of wiping the surface with a paper towel.

It’s strong and durable

Gotham steel pan is made with reinforced ceramic and titanium, which is scratch-resistant, non-reactive, and nonstick, making it a perfect cooking pan.

Titanium can be used both on gas and electric stoves; it’s certified safe, the thickness of its material obtains its sturdy nature.

Pan is scratch-resistant

While this cookware is said to be scratch-resistant, it’s advised that you should not use metal utensils.

this is giving to the fact that the metal utensils will create a scratch, from which the coated surface of your cookware will no longer be nonstick.

It’s advisable to use Silicon or wooden utensils on the Gotham steel pan; this should help preserve your cookware.

Pan distributes heat evenly

It’s ideal for enjoying efficiency; cooking should not be a daunting task, rather should be a hubby; this can only be the case if you have the right cookware.

You shouldn’t spend more time in the kitchen cooking than necessary. To this end, Gotham distributes heat evenly to hasten your cooking time, to which you can have more time to choose activities again.

Consider the economic implication of using the Gotham steel pan; despite saving your time by reducing the cooking time, it saves your gas and electricity, saving your money.

Given this, your meal does not get burnt by the concentration of heat at one end of the pot, which is the scenario with most cooking ware.

No need for oil or butter

If you couldn’t get away with anything, take the Gotham steel pan unique feature that allows you to cook your meal without oil or butter, personally.

I enjoyed this feature because it leaves me with little or few food items to worry about. For example, if you choose to fry an egg, you do not need oil; in the end, the egg slides off the steel pan with ease.

No dishwashing or stick necessitated having cooked. The nonstick nature ensures you can fry any food material with neither butter nor oil.

This, however, does not suggest you cannot use oil or butter; it’s recommended. However, they should be used at specified temperatures by adjusting your settings.

Pan is oven safe

If you wish to use the Gotham steel in the oven, it is safe to use with recommended heat of about 500 degrees; when taking it out, use an oven mitt.

It’s dishwasher safe.

I’d better go for cookware that’ll not be altered or affected by dishwasher; Gotham steel meets that standard. It fits perfectly well with the dishwasher.

However, you are advised not to use strong abrasive materials like steel wool or abrasive scrubbing pads on its surface to avoid scratching the pan.

Gotham steel is easy to clean

You do not need to submerge the Gotham steel pan into the water to get it cleaned; it can be

Since food does not stick to the pan, washing is ruled out, a paper towel or a mild dishwashing soap with a soft sponge.


Ideally, you have a budget for the Gotham steel pan you want to buy; you could either be going for a set or a single or two pans.

Warranty of the pan

Some of the Gotham steel cookware does come with a lifetime warranty; if this fascinates you, endeavor to check warranty availability before paying for a preferred steel pan.

Consider the purpose of buying a Gotham steel pan

Assuming you fry more often, consider going for a frying pan; baking pans should do if baking is what you often do; buying according to what you cook mostly will ensure you make a perfect buy in the right match.

Choosing the Best Pots and Pans Finally

Gotham steel pots and pans are made of high-quality material given to titanium.

They are super strong and do not constitute health implications for cooking with them; the ideal size scenario of choice should strictly depend on what you cook, like baking, frying, and who you are cooking for.

Like how many persons, a set of items should be cool if you cook for a family. If baking is your thing, go for Gotham steel that bakes only, likewise applicable to frying, etc.

For buying a Gotham steel pan, there isn’t going to be a regret for your money since they are super quality, evenly distribute heat, durable, cooks fast, nonstick, and dishwasher friendly.

They mostly align with kitchen décor, lightweight, with a lifetime warranty; this is not cookware you’d like to miss out on.

You might have been obsessed with recent issues that emerged with using Gotham pans, like the

coating being scratched and won off after some time, peeling, metal utensils scratching the surface. These had forced users to replace their cookware more often.

As it stands, Gotham has addressed these issues; the pans do not get easily scratched now, coated surfaces are not pilling anymore, all these modified and improved features can be found in the latest Gotham products at the moment.

If you’ve experienced surface scratch while using a metal utensil, that is in the past now; the latest Gotham cookware now comes with a more sophisticated coating that hardly gets scratched due to using a metal utensil.

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Final Thoughts

The benefits offered by Gotham steel cookware cannot be undermined, ranging from cooking with no oil or butter to a nonstick pan, a property derived from its constituent element titanium.

Against the usual recommendation, metal utensils can now be used on the Gotham steel pan without getting the surface scratched; it has been modified to withstand scratch and related physical pressure on its surface.

The Gotham steel pan has been the chef’s choice, which is not stopping any time soon.

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