Top 5 Best Electric Lunch Boxes | Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Are you looking for the best electric lunch box? How does cold food taste for you? You will agree it has an unpleasant flavor.

When you work outside your house but still want to eat your food for lunch, it can be tough to keep your food hot. 

Perhaps your office has a microwave oven, but you may not want to heat your meal there, or it is damaged. 

For this reason, an electrically heated lunch box might be the best option. It’s waterproof, so you can carry it to work with you and use electricity to heat your meal. Read more on our article to get the best electric lunch box.

Best Electric Lunch Box

  1. VOVOIR Electric Heating Lunch Box
  2. Gideon Heated Electric Lunch Box
  3. Crock-Pot Slow Cooker
  4. HotLogic Food Warming Tote
  5. Toursion Electric Lunch Box

What is an Electric Lunch Box, exactly?

An electric lunch box is a lunch box tool that uses power to warm your food. You can place your meal inside and shut the lid, and use power to heat it.

It must be able to bind to electricity in order to heat food. Therefore, it provides a variety of connectors. For example, the 12V-24V adapter cable is for trucks, and the 110V-120V adapter cable is standard for household use.

It can heat and maintain the temperature of your meal.

The Advantages of Using an Electric Lunch Box

The below are some of the advantages of using an electric lunch box:

  • It can heat your food without control.
  • It will maintain a constant temperature for an extended time.
  • Easily transportable
  • Adapter cables are very popular.  You can use Electric boxes for lunch both in cars and in homes.

 Selected Top 5 Electric Lunch Boxes – Reviews

1. VOVOIR Electric Heating Lunch Box (Rating – 4.4 out of 5 stars)


  • There are two 110V and 12V outlets.
  • 304 stainless steel and food-grade acrylic
  • hole for the exhaust
  • Storage for spoons
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Indicators of light


  • It could not last for long.
  • The food may spill.

With a reusable stainless steel lunch pot, this compact electric lunch heater or warmer has a high capacity. With two types of power cables, you can use this lunch pot at home, in the workplace, or in the car. Works well like lunch coolers for construction workers.

A car charger power cable, a spoon, and an instruction manual are included in an electric lunch box. The lunch package consists of a stainless steel container with a 1.5 L and a 0.45 L plastic salad tray.

It comes with a 110V power cable for use at home or workplace and a 12V cable connection for use in the car.

It can also heat your food at school, on the road, or in a vehicle. If you are traveling for a lot longer, you can warm your meals in your car.

A fast overview of the features

  1. It came up with two separate power cables: one for 110V at home and one for 12V in the car.
  2. The food-grade PP plastic used in the electric lunch box is high temperature resistant, environmentally friendly, and stable.
  3. The internal container is made of 304 rust-resistant spatulae and is of the highest quality.
  4. The use of PTC energy-saving heating elements ensures that the system does not overheat.
  5. Warming the meal usually takes 20-50 minutes.
  6. The electric lunch box comes with two interchangeable food containers (a stainless steel inner box and a plastic salad container) that make it easy to divide your foods.
  7. Lunch box dimensions are 23.5x11x17.5cm / 9.3×4.3×6.9inch. It has a fashionable appearance and a compact handle, so you can take your lunch with you anywhere you go.

It is made of high-temperature food-grade PP plastics. The steel container is made of 304 stainless steel and is easily reusable and cleanable.

It makes use of a high-efficiency PTC heating system that protects against excessive heat. As a result, it maintains a comfortable temperature for cooking.

Warming your meal usually takes 20-50 minutes. If the food is at 25 degrees Celsius, it will heat it in 25 minutes. If you move your meat out of the fridge, the heating rate will be higher.

The lunch box measures 23.5x11x15.5 cm ( It is lightweight and easy to use. Before use, ensure that you are secure and getting the most out of the product.

2. Gideon Heated Electric Lunch Box (Rating – 4.3 out of 5 stars)


  • Adapter for 12V
  • Preheat oven to 300°F.
  • Handle for carrying
  • A case that can withstand heat
  •  Insulation is excellent.
  • Cleaning is a breeze.


  • There is no home adapter.
  • The size is small.
  • It can take a long time for food to warm up.

A fast overview of the features

  1. It has a heat-resistant cover that remains cold to the touch at all times.
  2. The front closing keeps it securely closed, efficiently avoiding food spills.
  3. It is incredibly light, weighing just 2.5 pounds, and featuring a 6-foot power cable.
  4. A handy fold-flat holding handle is in.
  5. The non-stick aluminum interior layer is simple to clean. Clean up with a wet towel after each use.

Warm your meal to 300 degrees in a hurry. It uses a vehicle lighter to warm your meal. Its heat-resistant case keeps you cold on the outside and cold to the touch.

For a front closure that closes securely, it can deter food spills. The interior features a non – stick aluminum coating that wipes clean.

It is also well insulated to maintain a consistent temperature. Maintain the temperature of the food for a prolonged period.

This electric launch box measures 10x8x6 inches on the outside and weighs 2.5 pounds. It comes with a 6-foot power cord, and fold-flat holding handles on the bottom.

It does not have a connector for use at the house. You must indeed look into it if you want to heat your meals in your cars.

However, you would require an electric socket with a built-in 12V adapter if you wish to use this electrically heated launch box in your house.

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3. Crock-Pot Slow Cooker (Rating – 4.7 out of 5 stars)


  • Handle for carrying
  • The lid on the outside
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Cleaning is a wind.


  • The size is tiny.
  • There is no vehicle adapter available.

A fast overview of the features

  1. It has a 20-ounce volume that is ideal for individual portion lunches or dips.
  2. You can take the convenience of flavorful meals with you everywhere you go.
  3. When in operation, the exterior does not become hot.
  4. For flexibility, you can use the Easy-Travel lid.

You will enjoy a hot breakfast and lunch without leaving your seat, thanks to a Crock-Pot slow cooker and meal heater.

This unique launch heater has a volume of 20 ounces and serves one user. It is ideal for a one-of-a-kind product launch.

Its compact nature will allow you to enjoy flavorful meals on the go. It has a removable tub with a spill-proof seal that can also wash in the dishwasher.

The jar can be quickly removed and cleaned with soapy water or in the dishwasher. The interior of the container does not get hot while in use.

You should unplug and tie the cable around the base for quick storing once you’ve finished your dinner.

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4. HotLogic Food Warming Tote (Rating – 4.6 out of 5 stars)


  • Warming meals on the go
  • Observation is not needed.
  • There are no buttons to press; plug it in.


  • There is no vehicle adapter available.
  • The product’s consistency may be subpar.

A fast overview of the features

  1. Perfect for preparing nutritious dishes, reheating frozen boxed foods, and hot comfort food at the house, workplace, weddings, and other events.
  2. There is no need to keep an eye on it, put your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your way.
  3. Without the use of an oven, HOTLOGIC is going to change the way you prepare meals.

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5. Toursion Electric Lunch Box (Rating – 4.3 out of 5 stars)


  • Cleaning is fun.
  • Indicators of light
  • Free fork and spoon


  • It might take quite a long time to heat up.

A fast overview of the features

  1. Food-grade PP plastic and a 304 stainless steel box make up an electric dual-use meal heater.
  2. The stainless steel jar is easy to clean, separates vegetables and rice, is odorless, and meets the mouth’s desires.
  3. Appropriate for school children, office staff, and staff who want to take their lunch alone.

This electric launch box can use at the house, workplace, and in your vehicle. It comes with a 12V car converter and a 120V home/work adapter.

In addition, it comes with an enclosed exterior box with an integrated kitchenware tray. 2 types of home and car cables, a user manual, and a free fork and spoon.

Three layers of detachable construction make up this electric launch case. It would make eating and washing a breeze.

It would help if you cleaned the stainless jar with water after removing it. There’s no need to queue for the oven. Instead, plugin your electrical lunch, and after some period, your meal will be hot.

It is appropriate for teachers, students, staff, and riders who would transport food. It may be ideal for courier drivers as well.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Electric Lunch Boxes


When purchasing an electric lunch box, among the most important things to remember is the size. The scale is base on the amount of food you want to transport.

Any electric lunch boxes are compact enough to hold a small sandwich. You can choose a more extensive lunch box if you intend to take your meal or a large lunch appropriate for you.

Please ensure the electric launch box you’re buying is the right size and power. If you choose to hold more than one food and don’t want them to become mixed up, look for containers with separate compartments for various meals.

Adapter cord

Based on your needs, you should pick up an adapter cord. For example, you’ll need a 12V-24V extension cable to heat your meals in the vehicle.

It’s ideal for a long trip or living away from home. However, if you want to keep your food warm in the workplace, classroom, or college, you can do so.

A 110V-120V adapter cable is required for use indoors. Some electric launch boxes have both lines, allowing you to use one as desired.


Choose a high-quality, high-temperature, and rust-resistant material. The glass container must be stainless steel, and the plastic container should be food safe.

It’s also a good idea to look at the cable’s consistency. A more excellent commodity is the safest option in the long term.

Indicators and Buttons

There are buttons and indicators on certain mechanical lunch boxes. Some people don’t have it. When you plug them in, they will turn on.

These additional features are optional, so they will help you switch off and on anytime you want without having to plug in or out. And metrics will tell you whether it’s linked to the power grid or not.


Cleaning is an essential consideration. It’s a good idea to double-check the food bag. Is it possible to remove it? The portable bin will make cleaning a breeze.

Since extracting the bottle, wash it with soap and water to clean it. Non-removable containers should disinfect by wiping them off with toilet paper or a rag.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to warm your food outside of your house but don’t have access to any heating systems or equipment, then electrically heated lunch boxes might be the best alternative.

It has the potential to save you both effort and time. You should pick the one that ideally meets your requirements.

Don’t hesitate to look for it if you want it to live a long life. It would be best if you also looked for a warranty to give you peace of mind when purchasing.

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