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Cuisinart Commercial Food Processor

Looking for the best Cuisinart commercial food processor? No need to go to the basics. Most of us are serious foodies. Also, home chefs. So it’s no news that we need to dice, shred, mix, and blend or chop ingredients.

However, the complexity of the kitchen increases as the need to do things on a larger scale increases.

How you knead the dough, slice your veggies, and grate your carrots will significantly differ between you and a restaurant owner. Reason? Your kitchen tasks require a smaller food processor. 

Best Cuisinart Commercial Food Processor Attributes

When you employ the services of a commercial food processor, the results will amaze you. Using a commercial food processor increases your kitchen efficacy.

It does this by maximizing the cutting power of the state-of-the-art technology used in its construction. It, therefore, reduces the meal preparation time, saving you lots of time, energy, and other remarkable ‘kitchen expenses.’

A commercial food processor is an automated device that swiftly carries out food preparation functions traditionally done by hand. 

Commercial processors are expensive; they are made for continual and long-term use. Therefore, these machines are expensive when compared to your home food processor.

It does not require rocket science to comprehend that a commercial food processor will have more torque power, are larger, and possess more features.

Best Cuisinart Commercial Food Processor

  1. Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor
  2. Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White 
  3. Cuisinart Style Collection Easy Prep Pro
  4. Cuisinart Style Collection Expert Prep Pro
  5. Cuisinart FP-12DCN Elite Collection 2.0 12-Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart’s commercial food processor is ideal for your restaurant. Order one for yourself and experience magical moments preparing food.

If you have a large family at home or more friends visiting, you can buy one for yourself. Just in case.  Please find below our best 2021 reviews of the Cuisinart commercial food processors in no particular order. 

Best Cuisinart Commercial Food Processor – Review

1. Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor

This is not your average food processor. Instead, it is custom-made, efficient, reliable, and an enjoyable food processor to use. Cuisinart commercial food processor is an innovative and stylish kitchen appliance. 

Being one of Cuisinart’s best food processors, it comes with a modern touch of class.

The 14-cup processor’s cleaning is easy and uncomplicated; you can effortlessly expunge dirt and rub out lots of muck using a wet dishtowel.

Except for the base, everything else is dishwasher safe. What results after is a great Cuisinart commercial food processor that makes your kitchen look enviable and extraordinary.  

Puree, knead, bake, shred, slice, mix and chop ingredients conveniently using the 14-cup processor.

What makes Cuisinart’s 14-cup exceptional in the cookhouse is the clear-cut stainless steel blades and its powerful motor power of 720 watts.

Furthermore, it has a sizeable vacuum tube for ‘feeding’ vegetables and whole fruits. See why this is the best processor so far? I have personally used the 14-cup Cuisinart processor, and my experience was out of this world.

 Its 720-watt power ensures that food is adequately and skillfully prepared at the flash of lighting. Additionally, the 720-power is fast-moving and operates at high and powerful speeds to operate enormous food chunks and work.

It is stunningly quiet as well when contrasted to other processors. I would recommend this to every enthusiastic chef to try out its cooking powers. 

This processor is ideal for blending wet and dry ingredients to give a flawless and elastic wet-pulpy mass that goes straight to baking.

Summary of top features

  • White color
  • Stainless steel mixing/ chopping board 
  • 720-watt power 
  • Large feed tube with work bowl cover 
  • Mixing bowl with a 14-cup capacity 
  • Removable disc stem
  • It comes with a spatula 
  • Comes with recipe/instruction manual 
  • Motor warranty-5 years 
  • Whole unit warranty 3 years 

Once you use Cuisinart’s, you will notice the popular and powerful attachments that set it apart from other processors; the chopping blade, a shredding disk, and a sliding stainless steel-made disc.

All are stainless steel materials. Compared with other food processors, the Cuisinart 14-cup capacity allows it to hold about 2 pounds of meat and 3 pounds of dough.

The 14-cup capacity processor also enjoys a wider chute capacity that enables large potatoes to be worked on. So your restaurant and large family cooking won’t stress you anymore. 

Cuisinart 14 cup comes with a recipe book and a user guide. Additionally, the disc stem is removable. Its construction follows the electrical standards of North America.

It is important to note that the slicing and shredding blades aren’t convertible. The motor warranty is active for 5 years and 3 years for the whole unit. Disappointing? Right? 

The warranty should’ve been everlasting since this processor will be in your kitchen place for quite a while. 


  • Made with sturdy and durable stainless steel material
  • Easy to use; just follow the instructions book provided 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Detachable disc stem-for easy cleaning and assembly of the food processor 
  • Versatile-can grate, chop, whip, shred and cut all at the same time
  • Affordable 
  • It comes with a spatula 
  • One-click operation 


  • Lacks blade cover while in use
  • Heavy motor base 
  • Blunt grating disc plates; should have been sharpened
  • It can be tedious to clean

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2. Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White 

Although this isn’t the most powerful among the ‘big boys’ of the food processors, it is one of the most popular food processors on the internet. The 11-cup Cuisinart is reasonably a big volume food processor. 

Cuisinart’s 11-cup processor is a medium-sized food processor. Its dimensions are; 11.25 by 7 by 10.50 inches. It weighs 16.50 pounds, making it very ideal for storing in the cabinet and the counter table.

 If you think you are done with this ‘small boy’ food processor that ‘hangs out with the ‘big boys,’ you haven’t experienced its versatility powers.

Cuisinart’s exceptional, multifaceted abilities enable you to perform several kitchen tasks efficiently at ordinary speeds. Knead dough, puree, mix, shred, slice, chop, and mincemeat with great ease.

Cuisinart 11-cup processor comes with extra disc plates and a sizeable feed chute that increases its versatility.

Furthermore, you can chop or mix ingredients easily with a leveled solid lid, so you don’t have to wash or use the feed chute and the whole lid assembly.

You will find it easy and convenient to use since it can operate all your cooking needs at a go.  A notable feature of the 11-cup is the vacuum tube that holds whole veggies together with fruits.

You don’t have to cut them into smaller sizes. Instead, use the small feed tube for perfect slicing for perfect slices of carrots, cucumbers, or other smaller foods.

Summary of top features

  • Large and small pushers 
  • 11-cup capacity. Extra-large feed tube for big chunks of food
  • 625-watt power 
  • Blade material made of stainless steel
  • Shredding disc-made of stainless steel 
  • Extra attachments for versatility 
  • 5-year motor warranty and 3-year whole unit warranty 
  • It comes with a spatula 
  • Removable disc stem 
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe 

Achieve efficiency and speed with the perfect stainless steel shredding/slicing discs and steel blades. The precise results will surely leave your customers wowed, and you will make to keep coming for more.  

The 625-watt power delivers a powerful kitchen performance incessantly. In addition, its motor power allows it to perform food preparation activities with speed and ease.

The 11 cup custom food processor is easy and simple to use. For instance, the on/off buttons make it easy to operate, and also, cleaning this food processor is easy. Thanks to the compact cover. 

Lastly, the motor warranty runs for three years whereas the whole unit warranty is 3 years. If you are a restaurant owner, the Cuisinart 11-cup food processor is perfect to supplement your other big Cuisinart commercial food processors.


  • It runs faster with a powerful motor (625 watts) 
  • Extra attachments increase its versatility 
  • Large feed chute 
  • Razor-sharp blades
  • Comes with recipe/instruction book 
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Safe BPA plastic-free 
  • Ability to maximize superior control by the 
  • It comes with a scapula to maximize your kitchen efficiency 
  • Affordable; makes it ideal for a small-sized restaurant 


  • It can be strenuous to clean the feed chute 
  • Possible difficulties with operating the lid assembly 

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3. Cuisinart Style Collection Easy Prep Pro 2 Bowl Food Processor with 1.9L Capacity Frosted Pearl/ FP8SU 

If you want a food processor that won’t take up much of your kitchen space and still delivers faultless results, then the Cuisinart Easy prep pro should be your best choice.

It discharges its duties in a user-friendly way as a simple food processor. In addition, easy Prep pro works simultaneously as both a food chopper and a comprehensive food processor without unnecessarily creating ablutions.  

It is important to note that this processor combines both the big and small bowls to work perfectly without risks of breakage. 

As a chef or an enthusiastic cook, you will be able to shift between whizzing nuts, slicing vegetables, and chopping herbs easily, conveniently, and freely. 

With this food processor, you will find its simplicity very beneficial. You can easily prepare food from the 0.7l bowl without the risk of spillage into the main 1.9l bowl.

Use the main bowl for larger tasks such as grating and slicing as it is attached to a reversible shredding/ slicing disc, two of them. Other attachments include dough and a chopping board; both are standard-made.  

Executing tasks with the 350 wattage motor power makes your kitchen activities flow smoothly; it’s powerful enough.

Furthermore, this processor has 2-speed settings, low and high, and a pulse fixture to increase your kitchen tasks’ consistency by giving you total control.

In addition to all the extraordinary features, you will notice the intelligent blade lock that holds the blade motionless during pouring; for control and extra safety. 

An additional button which I found rather complicated, halts the speed instead of switching off the machine.  

Nothing excites me as much as Cuisinart’s Easy Prep Pro food processor since it is easy and uncomplicated to clean.

Summary of top features

  • Functional properties; blending, mixing, kneading, chopping, shredding, and slicing.
  • Pulse, High, and low-speed settings 
  • Two colors; milky pear and silver 
  • Weighs 3.1 kg
  • Dimensions; 23 by 20 by 38 centimeters 
  • Blades are stainless steel made 
  • Stainless steel body construction ( material) 
  • Attachments such as lids and bowls are dishwasher safe 
  • BPA free 

All the removable parts such as the discs, blades, bowls, and lids are dishwasher safe. In addition, you will notice a safe sealing that ensures no food droplets fall onto the larger bowl from the smaller bowl minimizing dirt for easy cleaning. 

Even if you are working on the clumpiest type of soup permissible, there are no fears of spillage because the electric mixer is impermeable.

I was somewhat displeased with the large chunk that kept getting ledged between the container and the blade. I experienced this occasionally while working with the larger blade. 

Get this excellently sized food processor which won’t utilize a lot of space in your cookhouse. Experience a sizeable food processor like no other; it won’t start the motor before the mixing bowl is perfectly fitted.

Get one for yourself and experience the same cooking qualities you would get with a larger Cuisinart commercial food processor. 


  • Durable stainless steel body material 
  • Moderately lightweight (weighs 3.1kgs). You can easily store it on a shelf or a cupboard effortlessly. 
  • Two bowls that work simultaneously to increase meal prep time
  • Works efficiently to give proper food chopping

The mini bowl fits perfectly to the larger bowl minimizing soup and mushy food spillage

  • Excellent high and low-speed settings together with a pulse 
  • 5-year warranty 
  • Affordable 
  • Good for moderate food quantities 
  • BPA free


  • Somewhat a noisy food processor 
  • The plastic material makes it look
  • Non-removable pivot

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4. Cuisinart Style Collection Expert Prep Pro / 2 Bowl/ Food Processor With 3L Capacity / Midnight Grey/ FP1300U 

This top-of-the-line version from Cuisinart offers a notable performance. Your dicing, grating, slicing, mixing, and chopping tasks will be simplified with this 3L capacity food processor.

Great attachments are fitted to facilitate the above kitchen tasks. Another thing from the manufacturer is a storage rack for safe accessory keeping. This is an excellent food processor.

We easily recommend the Cuisinart commercial food processor as our best choice. It seems there are no ends to the powers of this incredible food processor since its large 3L capacity makes it perfect for mixing dough and cake.

It’s also useful in preparing large portions of food if you are entertaining a larger number of people. The height and width dimensions are 40 centimeters and 20 centimeters, respectively.

Therefore, it won’t take much space in your kitchen place. Make spaghetti and ribbons ideal for a stunning pasta or salad substitute resembling courgette.

Do this by utilizing the powers of the grating disc and the spiraling kit. Note that the grating disc is reversible for fine grating. If you are dicing vegetables and onions to get 1-centimeter pieces, use the dicing kit.

Utilize the services of the versatile slicing disc to slice ingredients and make a salad. In addition, Cuisinart’s 3litre capacity is ideal for pureeing baby foods and mixing cake batters, pastry, dough, nut kinds of butter, and sauces.

Further, utilize the blitzing and chopping properties—best for chopping meat, nuts, breadcrumbs, and cauliflower. Finally, perform the most straightforward activities, such as chopping herbs and onions using this food processor. 

Just like Cuisinart’s 1.9L capacity processor, the 3L has three-speed settings; high, low, and pulse settings for absolute monopoly over the uniformity of your recipe.

Summary of top features

  • Bowl material is plastic made
  • It comes with a spatula 
  • 2 storage racks for accessories and blades
  • 3-speed functional sets
  • Discs, blades, bowls, and lids are dishwasher safe
  • 3l dry mass working capacity and 1.8L wet mass functioning 
  • Dimensions; 20 cm by 40cm by 25 cm 
  • The color is midnight grey
  • Blade material is stainless steel made 
  • Weighs 10.3kg 

All the removable parts such as the lids, bowls, discs, and blades are dishwasher safe. In addition, a smart blade lock automation holds the blades securely while pouring to stop accidents and increase user safety.

Use the 3L capacity bowl together with the spiraling and dicing kits. Combine that also with the grating and slicing discs. Use the smaller 1.8L capacity bowl for smaller tasks such as making sauce and dips. 

Cuisinart’s 3L food processor is stainless steel made, which increases its versatility. Grab one for So grab self, you kitchen enthusiasts, and unlock extraordinary moments at your cookhouse.

I would recommend this food processor for its versatility and powerful motor properties.


  • Attachments and blades are dishwasher safe
  • 2 bowls that work harmoniously to deliver great results 
  • Powerful 550-watt motor power for efficient and quick food preparation 
  • Useful attachments such as the discs, blades, kits, etc.
  • Blades are made from stainless steel material 
  • Adjustable feeding tube
  • Useful storage pack for storing blades and 
  • 3-speed functional settings; high, low and 
  • Easy and efficient to use 
  • It comes with a spatula


  • Heavy                   
  • Unreasonably noisy ( I hope they can work on this) 
  • No whist attachment 

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5. Cuisinart FP-12DCN Elite Collection 2.0 12-Cup Food Processor 

This particular food processor offers maximum solutions to your kitchen problems. Once you start using the Cuisinart FP-12 cup food processor, you won’t fear this processor breaking or suddenly turning ineffective.

Get the Cuisinart food processor to put together mouth-watering meals after thoroughly preparing ingredients rapidly. 

When you purchase, the food processor expects to get a 12-cup working bowl. This enables you to add ingredients without stoppings.

You will also get another 4-cup capacity bowl with calibrations and pour pouts. With its powerful 1000 peak motor wattage power, expect to mince, cut, chop, and mix things easily without risks of mechanical failure. 

Buckle down most of your kitchen tasks by using this powerful and efficient food processor. Cuisinart’s 12-cup 2.0 processor is exceptional in all measures.

It comes attached with a dough blade, a small and a large mixing/chopping blade, a medium/ fine convertible shredding disk, and a 1-6mm adjustable sliding disc.

The benefits of all these attachments are that it gives you a wider margin to handle large amounts of food during the preparation exercise. 

Extremely easy to clean. Attachments such as the blades, bowls, and discs of the Cuisinart Fp-12DCN Elite food processor are trouble-free to clean; just wipe out the dirt.

It is unlikely that you won’t prepare any type of meal because this processor’s blades and discs are incorporated together. 

Comes with a 3-year motor warranty and a 10-year whole unit warranty. This means that you can easily replace your broken piece without much fuss. 

Summary of top features

  • The removable parts such as the discs, plates, bowls, and lids are dishwasher safe. 
  • It comes with a dough blade and a spatula. 
  • Wide-feed tube and shield assembly a signature of Cuisinart 
  • Fine/medium adjustable stainless steel shredding disc and a 1-6 mm slicing disc 
  • Instruction/recipe manual 
  • Blue LED light signals for on/off electronic touchscreen control 
  • 1000 optimum watt power
  • State of the art sealing system technology that prevents spillage by tightly sealing bowls and lids
  • 2 bowls; 4-cup and 12-cup, both possessing measuring marks and pouring pouts 
  • A blade locking system together with a chopping/ mixing both large and small and stainless steel construction 

LED on/off pulse with bright colors gives you the power to watch your food cook uniformly. It is currently available in kitchen outlets worldwide and comes with perfect features and nominal costs. 

Cuisinart’s 12-cup elite processor sealing system is impenetrable, thereby utilizing every functional property of the bowl, blocking spillage. It also fastens the blade to optimize safety functions. 

Just wipe to clean the electronic touchscreen. 


  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe 
  • Powerful 1000 wattage motor power ensures everything gets done in seconds and efficiently
  • Wide mouth for an easy feed of ingredients
  • 10-year motor warranty 
  • 3-year whole unit warranty 
  • It comes with a dough blade 
  • Versatile slicing disc and a changeable mincing disc 
  • Blue on/off LED lights pulse control to increase cooking consistency
  • Advantageous technological seal-tight system 
  • 12-cup bowl having a unique handgrip 
  • 4 cup bowl 


  • Unnecessarily loud 
  • A minimal plastic cover holds up the top part 
  • The thin plastic material used to make the bowls

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

FAQs on Cuisinart Commercial Food Processor

Which other competitive food processor compares to Cuisinart commercial food processor? 

I can confidently say you are yet to purchase a worthy kitchen appliance if you haven’t ordered the one that fits right to occupy less kitchen space, which offers many functions at a go.

Several food processors match Cuisinart’s commercial food processor standards and qualities.

For example, Braun FP3020 French fry System & with a coarse slicing food processor is a two-bowl food processor with powerful 900-watt peak power to increase the machine’s efficiency.

The 12-cup capacity is ideal for dry foods masses, while the 9-cup bowl is ideal for wet mass foods.

Other outstanding features are the preset speed functions; a sharp S-blade with a protective cover; 2 great attachments, the French fry system, and a coarse slicing insert with up to 5 types of blades.

Set your speeds using the speed control settings and experience an ultra-quiet food processor while working. 

Breville Sous Chef BFP800XL food processor is another great kitchen appliance. This BPA-free processor runs on a 1200 watt motor power to increase the speed of handling kitchen tasks.

Just like other food processors, it has a wide bowl capacity. Its 16-cup capacity is ideal for dry ingredients, while its 12-cup small bowl is useful for wet masses of food.

This machine comes with variable slicing discs and a sturdy metal bar to hold this rather heavy machine in place. Works perfectly to offer food processing properties.

You can look up the commercial properties of this and other popular food processors and compare them to Cuisinart.

At the end of the day, Cuisinart wins since it is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that brings joy to you as you cook. 

What Food Processors Do Chefs Use? 

Sometimes restaurant owners and chefs need to serve crowds with a quick fix of a meal in a short period. The fast operating commercial food processors come through for these guys.

We need to use commercial food processors with a powerful motor to speed up kitchen tasks. However, this machine should be easy and simple to use. 

The operator shouldn’t at any point experience difficulty while working with a processor. Furthermore, the processor should offer more than its functions to be considered a versatile food processor. 

Different chefs will go for the best processor that matches their various specific needs. From the above list, the 14-cup Cuisinart food processor easily wins as the darling to many chefs.

Others may prefer other brands, but for maximum efficiency, choose Cuisinart’s processors. They have been here for a while, and they understand the impact they need to leave in the kitchen place for chefs and other food enthusiasts. Other chefs prefer food processors that have different combinations altogether, such as the blender food processor combo.  

Features to Look Out for Before Buying a Cuisinart Commercial Food Processor

Below are the most important functions to look out for before going commercial with the food processor for your small or medium-sized restaurant. 

Safety features

You are working in a restaurant, and danger is always lurking. Check for features like proper bowl placements, lid locks, and interlocks to offer proper functioning. 

Just like using pressure cookers, safety starts with you, and you have to ensure you check for these features lest you regret burning yourself. 


it is almost impossible to get perfect results without a proper functioning motor. It is the heart of the food processors.

Ensure that you purchased a high-power motor functioning processor; it creates high torque, thereby increasing your kitchen tasks. Also, check to see if a fan is fitted to cool the motor and reduce the chances of blowing off. 


control settings should be simple, large, and properly labeled for anyone to operate easily. Notice the LED lights that indicate the devices that are on.

Most brands feature this setting to increase efficiency and ease of using food processors. Look out for these features before making any commercial food processor purchases. 

Pulse mode

 pulsating, helping you achieve perfect texture and coarseness while working with spices and other raw ingredients.

To understand the motor power, the time it takes to process foods, and the sharpness of blades, regularly check for pulse setting functions at the very beginning of your purchase.

This will come in handy to help you achieve great cooking heights for your restaurant. 


 discs for grating and slicing, and the S-blades handling grinding, mixing, and chopping are the blades set attachments you should check out before any major commercial processor purchasing.

Also, look out for the uncomplicated detach and attach functions of the disc/blade alongside the blade’s sharpness. 

Bowl and capacity

 check to see if you will find the bowl properties you are looking for before making any meaningful purchases.

Ensure that it is BPA-free and durable enough to tackle daily tasks. Most food processors come with a smaller and bigger bowl to simplify your kitchen tasks. Take advantage!

Safety and cleaning 

Most food processors are simple and uncomplicated to clean. Ensure you look out for these properties. Most of the detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

Just follow the instructions and clean all the parts as the user guide dictates. Then, ensure you clean all the other parts to maximize the working of the food processor. 

Instead of sharpening a dull blade on your own, purchase one for yourself. This will increase your kitchen tasks. 

In case of a faulty part, contact your supplier for another since most of the food processors are long-term warranty covered. Follow the recommended global guide on the safety and caring of a food processor. 

Final Thoughts on Cuisinart Commercial Food Processor 

By this point, you are familiar with all the necessary commercial food processor properties.

For all your small or medium-sized restaurants, ensure to get a Cuisinart commercial food processor to experience flexibility, ease of use, and versatility at its best.

Follow the user guide on cooking recipes and operational properties to benefit the most. Then, serve your customers great meals, only possible using Cuisinart commercial food processors, which do nothing but offer pure greatness and a touch of class.

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