Best Microwave Drawers with Convection in the Market

convection microwave drawer

Are you looking for the best convection microwave drawer in the market? You are in the right place. Read along.

Are you interested in cooking and want to level up a bit? Or do you have a microwave that is a little old and wants something new with extra and smart to experiment with cooking?

Switching to a convectional microwave drawer is the best option for you. This is the best and smartest option if cooking is your hobby and you want to learn new cooking skills.

Finding a convectional microwave drawer with the best features and affordable price is challenging, but as always, we have got your back.

We list out the few best convection microwave drawer to reduce your work task and help you find the best.

What Exactly are Convectional Microwave Drawers?

If you have heard the term “convection microwave drawer” for the first time, you must be thinking about what exactly it is.

I know the term is quite intimidating but don’t worry, we’re here to solve it all out. So let me quickly put that jargon-loaded word for you.

You already know that the microwaves we usually use are perfect for heating, reheating, and cooking simple food. Still, the convectional microwave has some extra magic or, we can say, features embedded in it.

A convection microwave drawer is a different and unique type of microwave in which you can just heat and reheat band cook, bake, crisp, roast all in just one microwave.

In a convection microwave, there is an extra element which is a circulating fan. This circulating fan circulates hot air inside the microwave space.

Convection cooking relies on a fan that can circulate the hot air throughout the appliance. This is not possible with a microwave drawer to date. However, it gives you even cooking results and food that tastes just like homemade food.

But before getting into the list of microwave convectional drawers, let’s focus on why exactly do, we need a convectional microwave drawer.

Some Amazing Features of Microwave Drawers with Convection Are:-

  • Crispy cooking results, for example, while cooking a pizza, it’s browner and crisper and henceforth tastier.
  • You can bake cookies with minimal effort.
  • Can control heating and preheating functions to a smartphone
  • Perfect for compact spaces like apartments and dorm rooms
  • Preheating functions

And the best feature of a convectional microwave drawer is that it fits in your kitchen in the form of the drawer, as the name suggests.

It gives your kitchen an extra modern and elegant look, saving your countertop space and allowing your kitchen to look more spacious.

These types of microwave drawers are the best options for someone living in small apartments so that you do not have to compromise on space.

Neither do you have to miss modern cooking features in a microwave to make it compact enough to fit?

Points to keep in mind while investing in a convectional microwave: –

It requires a lot of planning before buying equipment such as a convectional microwave drawer as you have to work with the microwave in the long term. So, here are a few simple and easygoing points you can keep in mind.

1.     Kitchen space

Keep in mind your kitchen space requirements if your kitchen is large enough to fit a drawer or microwave drawer.

Ensure to check the microwave dimension you are selecting because it has to fit in your kitchen cabinets exactly.

Also, if you do not find the microwave exact to the dimensions of your cabinets, customization is always an option. So, yes, the size of your kitchen and kitchen cabinets matter a lot while selecting a microwave.

2.     Features

Since you’re investing and leveling up your cooking skills, choosing a microwave with all the smart features you require to accommodate in your cooking is very important.

You can look for features like: –

  • Even cooking
  • Proper crisping 
  • Baking
  • Automated technologies
  • Voice controllable
  • Operated from a smartphone or a tablet

3.     Metal rack

If your primary consideration for selecting a convectional microwave drawer is because you want to bake or crisp, or grill something, then make sure that the microwave drawer you’re selecting should have a metal rack to provide all these functions.

Okay, but what is a metal rack?

A metal rack in the microwave makes the microwave more efficient and easy to use and carries out more functions in a convectional, unlike the convectional or normal microwave.

 It’s time to dive into some best convectional microwave drawers at an affordable price so that you can have an idea of what to buy and what will prove to be the best addition to your kitchen.


  1. ZLINE MWO-24 24 Built-in microwave oven
  2. GE PWB7030SLSS 30 Electric Convention wall microwave oven
  3. FRIGIDAIRE FPMO3077TF Professional 30” BUILT-IN Microwave Oven

Product Reviews

But you know there are thousands of models available on the Internet and in the market. So out of all the convectional microwave drawers, what is the right choice for you? Which is the best suited for your family and has the best features?

You don’t have to worry about these questions anymore because right we bring you all the information making it easy for you to choose the best convectional microwave drawer.

Now let me clarify that finding a convection microwave is a very difficult task even in the 21st century.

but wait, does not get disappointed yet because a pull door microwave is also a perfect alternative to a convectional microwave drawer. After all, it shares all the same features.

The pull door microwaves have the same features as convectional microwaves. The baking, grilling, steaming all functions as it is with an extra pull door handle.

Let’s rush through some best convectional microwaves with drawers: –

1. ZLINE MWO-24 24 Built-in microwave oven

With on-point, smart performance, this inbuilt microwave oven is a perfect up-gradation to your kitchen, making it look professional.

This convection microwave drawer is specially designed for someone looking for the same features as in a convectional microwave.

Its sleek design and black finishing give it a classy and royal look that will exactly suit your kitchen décor.

This built-in drawer microwave is specially designed to fit in your kitchen cabinets, making it very space-friendly and does not take any of your extra space for cooking and keeping a microwave.

Unlike other countertop microwaves. With extra cooking capacity and power-saving features, and a premium look, this microwave with a large LED display screen is the smartest choice for a modern kitchen.

My suggestion is that if you are looking for something smart and royal to upgrade your kitchen, then this is the microwave. Yes, this will fit your requirements perfectly.

A 2-year warranty is something you will not give in any other microwave. 

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

2. GE PWB7030SLSS 30 Electric Convention wall microwave oven

Do you want a drawer microwave for commercial purposes? This special GE-built microwave oven is the best perfect option for you.

This microwave seems to be the perfect option not only for commercial purposes but also for a big family.

This convection microwave has some unique features, such as extra browning of your food. Therefore, you can get the perfect cooking and browning results if you use this microwave.

This convection microwave helps you in speed cooking by the extra features built in this smart grey body giving it a classy and rich look that provides additional beauty to your kitchen décor.

Its smart sensor technology makes it very easy for the user to handle this convectional microwave.

It also has a smart steam sensor that helps you cook your dumplings in easy ways or whatever items you want to cook through steam in a very even and perfect manner.

Smart enough, I guess. Apart from having a classy stainless-steel body, this is also fingerprint-resistant and scratch-resistant, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

Ready to serve feature of this microwave is something you cannot miss. It keeps your food warm until and unless you are ready to serve it to your family. It holds your food in a warm condition to provide you hot meal at your own time.

Its halogen lighting features make it very easy to keep a check on the food. With the smart and sleek design, this microwave is irresistible and perfect for your kitchen.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

3. FRIGIDAIRE FPMO3077TF Professional 30” BUILT-IN Microwave Oven

The best convectional microwave to upgrade your kitchen and to make it look more professional. With a 1750-watt power usage, it gives you fast cooking results and even cooking results.

The spaciousness of this microwave makes it a more likable option for bulk cooking. In addition, its smart-looking buttons and digital display give it a sophisticated look and make it very user-friendly.

Adequate heat circulation helps in even and speed cooking results. This sleek-looking microwave provides you all features and functions that are normal microwave oven can provide.

The top of it provides additional features like grilling and baking, making it a perfect convectional microwave.

Its pull-down door helps you to manage everything perfectly. Easy to use for even a left-handed person and any older adult makes it an even more preferable choice.

One of the exceptional features of this microwave is that it comes with a metal rack making the cooking process very efficient and hassle-free.

Strain steel interior makes it look elegant and a perfect option to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. In addition, starch-resistant body and self-clean features are “not-to-miss” features.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

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Selecting a convection microwave drawer is not an easy job. It is tiresome to check every microwave, check every feature, and then look for its specifications.

We understand, and that is why we have done our level best to make your work easy. I hope that this article helps you to choose the perfect option for your kitchen.

Upgrading your kitchen interior and giving it a professional look requires smart planning and smart types of equipment also.

A convectional drawer microwave is the best choice if you want to upgrade your kitchen and to look to hone your cooking skills.

If your main aim while looking for a convectional microwave is to use it in a commercial business, then GE PWB7030SLSS 30 Electric Convention wall microwave oven is the perfect choice for you.

I suggest you go for this without any second thought.

If your consideration is the professional look and exceptional features, then without any doubt, go for FRIGIDAIRE FPMO3077TF Professional 30” BUILT-IN Convectional Microwave Oven.

I hope all your doubts regarding a convectional microwave and all the special features of a drawer microwave with convection.

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