Can You Plug a Microwave into an Extension Cord

Can You Plug a Microwave into an Extension Cord

With the increasingly large number of machines we need for cooking, now and then there aren’t sufficient sockets to fit them all.

The arrangement is to plug these machines into an electrical extension cord for certain individuals – the most widely recognized being the microwave. Nonetheless, is it wise to do so? Are there microwaves with long extension cords?

Microwaves need a ton of energy to run, and hence a standard electrical string will most likely be unable to deliver its job and be a fire peril.

That is the reason I, for the most part, don’t suggest connecting your microwave to an electrical cord for security reasons.

Nonetheless, you can utilize an electrical cord if:

  • it is the right measure
  • on the off chance that it has a three-prong attachment socket

Be that as it may, it is still better to stick to the side of caution. In this article, I will clarify the potential repercussions of utilizing an extension cord for your microwave.

Why You Shouldn’t Plug a Cooler into an Electrical String

For the most part, it is acknowledged that you shouldn’t utilize a different extension cord for high-power devouring apparatuses like AC systems, coolers, and microwaves. Here are the justifications for why this is so:

Fire hazard

There is a justification for why microwaves are designed with a short and stocky power line – this is on the grounds that they need such a lot of force, more slender strings will not have the option to deal with it.

Electrical lines have a lighter measure (thickness) than the stock string of a microwave and the wiring inside an ordinary house attachment socket.

Recall that the wattage of most microwaves go past 1,000W – more than standard electrical strings are evaluated for.

On the off chance that you plug your microwave in an electrical line, it can make it overheat and burst into flames.

To guarantee security, you should connect your microwave a grounded house attachment socket.

The voltage drop can harm your microwave.

The length and thickness of the wire influence how much electrical resistance it offers. Essentially, the more drawn out and slender it is, the more resistance there is (recall why microwaves have short and thick wires?); this causes a voltage drop en route.

This voltage drop will ultimately harm your microwave. This is because Ohm’s law indicates that voltage and amperes are contrarily corresponding – the lower the voltage, the higher the amperage.

The more amps streaming, the more hotness is created. This hotness can burn out your microwave’s parts and decrease its life expectancy.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Microwave Extension Cord

It is recommended to utilize a permanent attachment cord for your microwave – however, you might have no real option except to plug your microwave into an extension cord.

Here are a few rules you need to realize when purchasing an additional string for your microwave. While it isn’t best practice to do as such, it will make your home more secure contrasted with utilizing any old string you see lying around.


As expressed, the measure alludes to the thickness of the wire. It’s the standard unit of estimation is AWG (American Wire Gauge). Rather strangely, the lower the AWG number, the higher the gauge.

For microwaves, a #10 uncompromising gauge electrical cord ought to get the job done.


As said before, as the line gets longer, its current conveying limit gets lower. Therefore, to lessen the obstruction (and in this way voltage drop), pick an additional short and thick cord, much like the cord that accompanies the microwave.

Wattage ratings

Actually, take a look at the specs of the extension cord to see its wattage ratings. Never go over this number, as you might over-burden it; it will light up in fire.

You ought to likewise really look at your microwave’s wattage ratings– you can see it in the rating mark at the rear of the unit. Or, you can look for it on the manufacturer’s site.


Your microwave accompanies a three-prong grounded plug. Consequently, you ought to likewise purchase a grounded additional cord. The third pin is known as the establishing pin.

Try not to remove this as this is intended for your own security; in the event of a breakdown in the gadgets, the establishing pin conveys the overabundance of power to the ground – making it safe.

On the off chance that the establishing pin was removed, the abundance power will go to the conveyor – for this situation, it’s the metal body of your microwave – subsequently shocking whoever it contacts.

Safeguards To Take While Using An Extension Cord To Plug A Microwave

A couple of conditions can assist you with doing it right. First, when you avoid potential risks, you can safely utilize a microwave.

Secure the attachment plugs

The procedure of putting the plugs is significant. The main thing you need to do is put the microwave plug into the electrical cord safely.

You need likewise to guarantee that you are putting the additional cord’s attachment into the extension safely. Both these ought to totally safe.

That’s when you can avoid getting shocked. So, all things considered, utilizing the microwave will be safe and simple.

Check the features of the extension cord.

Rather than utilizing a shoddy electrical string, you need to really look at the details. If you’re using a high-powered machine, the current rating should be somewhere around 15 A.

All things considered, it turns out to be simple for you to run the microwave on the greatest power settings.

Remember the safety precautions.

When you’re utilizing an electrical cord, you need to guarantee that you pick one that can deal with a high wattage apparatus. Most of these have short circuit protection and a fuse that protects your microwave.

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Can You Plug a Microwave into an Extension Cord?

You can utilize extension cords for most little kitchen apparatuses, however for a microwave? Keep away from it; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do your research first when purchasing an additional cord for your microwave. Not all extension cords are made with the exact specifications; some can be more harmful.

Feel free to leave a comment below in case you have any questions regarding the topic.


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