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Camping Microwave

Even if we are away from home, the microwave has become a must-have appliance. To help create that home away from home experience, you can’t go camping without a microwave.

Therefore, small convenient, and simple microwaves for camping have been developed just for you.

A cooking microwave comes in handy if you don’t have all the space in your van for all the cooking appliances and comfort.

Small microwaves for camping helps you fix a quick snack or food. Furthermore, you can defrost, reheat and bake, among other choices. 

We have compiled a helpful list of small microwaves for camping. Find them helpful for your next camping session with your loved ones.


  1. Nostalgia BSET300 RETRO RED 3-IN-1 Family Size Breakfast Station 
  2. Whirlpool 0.5 Cu. Ft. Countertop Camping Microwave
  3. Amazon Basics Camping Microwave 
  4. The Lowry LMM1725 Solo Manual 700 watt Camping Microwave 
  5. Beko 20 lire, 700W Solo Camping Microwave
  6. Sharp ZSMC0710BW Countertop Camping Microwave Oven 

Product Reviews

1. Nostalgia BSET300 RETRO RED 3-IN-1 Family Size Breakfast Station 

We can best describe this microwave as the best 3-in-1 microwave for your camping session. You wouldn’t want such a great time to be spoilt with a bad or substandard microwave. Nostalgia BSET300 is the real deal. 

With a 30 minute timer, the microwave will make up to 4 cups of hot coffee and toast four slices of bread. Additionally, the multi-purpose toaster performs multiple functions besides toasting bread.

For example, you can bake large-sized pizza, defrost, and heating leftovers. Furthermore, you will find that cleaning this microwave is an easy task.

Just remove the detachable oven tray and the non-stick griddle. Then, proceed to clean and enjoy your camping time. 

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  • Easy to clean; has removable oven tray
  • Malfunctioning oven; bake, roast, reheat, and toast features 
  • Ideal for camping 
  • Toasts 4 slices and 4 cups of coffee at a time


  • Some users complained that the coffee maker couldn’t take more coffee; therefore, the coffee wasn’t as expected.

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2. Whirlpool 0.5 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave

Are you looking for the smallest microwave for camping? Look no further because the Whirlpool countertop microwave is right here for you. It can fit virtually any space; squeeze it somewhere in the corner of your camping van. 

What’s great about the Whirlpool lightweight countertop microwave? It has a big interior that fits perfectly an 11-inch glass turntable. That means you cook more in a limited space. 

This microwave comes with 10 cooking levels. That means you can tailor your cooking needs to suit your preferences. 

Furthermore, its control features disable the dashboard, thus avoiding interruptions that might interfere with the previous settings.

The tap-touch controls are both easy to operate and clean. Besides, you will find the 30-seconds incremental time very beneficial. It will save you lots of cooking time, to let you enjoy your camping time. 


  • Cooks with fast speed and 100% power
  • Sizeable interior to cook more food
  • 10 cooking levels
  • Tap touch controls


  • Relatively expensive compared with products in the same category

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3. Amazon Basics Microwave 

Alexa make me a coffee? What better way of introducing this smart and economical camping ideal for camping.

Amazon Basics Microwave is Alexa-enabled which means you can cook your food by ordering things around. 

Find special attachments or features with the Amazon Basics Microwave that are not possible with other camping microwaves.

Popcorn replenishing, fast cooking presets, 10 power cooking levels, defrost, reheat leftovers, and toasts are some of the features you’ll come across. 

Since this microwave, I compact enough to fit small countertops, which means you can bundle it somewhere in the camping van to enjoy a smart home away from home.

And, by adding the voice control feature, you can easily do voice cooing presets to cook as you wish. I couldn’t ask for another inexpensive camping microwave other than the Amazon Basics microwave.

With an 11 inch turntable and different cooking presets to choose from, you can have a camping time like no other. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Has voice cooking control features
  • Spacious interior to cook different foods
  • Close-packed to fit small spaces
  • Automatic popcorn refill


  • Using the voice control settings might be a problem for beginners 
  • Possible fire hazards

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4. The Lowry LMM1725 Solo Manual 700 watt Microwave 

The Lowry microwave comes with a stylish design. Despite it being compact, it has a spacious interior to allow you to cook more food portions by fitting a sizeable dinner late. 

This microwave comes with 2 control settings. The lower part control settings are specifically for adjusting the 30-minute cooking timer.

Use the top controls to set the different power cooking levels; defrost, bake, and reheat. Furthermore, The Lowry LMM1725 comes with easy-to-use and large controls.

So you shouldn’t have a hard time operating it. Besides, it runs on 700 watts of power to ensure that you cook food with the least inconvenience and quickly. 

The Lowry manual 700-watt microwave easily wins as among the best camping microwaves from the many reviews from users.

It’s easy to operate and also inexpensive. Moreover, it’s a practical camping microwave. Grab one for yourself!


  • Large and simple to use controls
  • Affordable 
  • It runs on a powerful motor power of 700 watts to ensure your food cooks evenly.
  • Spacious to suit large food cooking 


  • Luckily, there haven’t been many complaints about this microwave. Instead, users like its simplicity while in use.


5. Beko 20 lire, 700W Solo Microwave

You’ll never go wrong with Beko Solo Microwave when you decide to go camping. Its simple design will strike your eye in the first instance.

A simple design means that this microwave is compact enough to fit well into spaces; our other camping stuff won’t compete for space.

Everyone knows how clumsy and overwhelming it can be to pack camping bags and other necessities. So let’s start at its ability to offer 20 liters of cooking capacity despite being a compact-sized microwave.

That means that you shouldn’t worry much if you have a large family or have gone camping with a big number. You will find that controlling the cooking features is an easy task.

The easy-to-use, stylish controls offer effortless and uncomplicated cooking time. Find also the adjustable power levels very beneficial during your camping.

The adjustable cooking levels offer a wide coking range to offer constant and continuous cooking options. Melt ice cream or cook meat easily.

In short, there are multiple cooking options. You will not run out of options with the impressive microwave. You can’t simply ignore this impressive microwave.

Its compact size can fit into any camping van, leaving space. In addition, Beko consumes less energy but offers even cooking by the effective 700-watt motor power. 


  • A quiet microwave; doesn’t make unnecessary boring sounds 
  • A good quality microwave made by a leading brand. 
  • Controls are easy to use 
  • Energy-efficient
  • Compact to fit small spaces 


  • Lacks interior lighting to monitor cooking food


6. Sharp ZSMC0710BW Countertop Microwave Oven 

This is a low-wattage microwave. If you are a hiker, camper, or you happen to live in camp caravans; then this is the ideal microwave oven. It consumes less power and energy to serve you longer.

This microwave is famous for its close-packed design and also its sleekness. So if you need to fix a quick meal or a hot cup of beverage and you are on the road, find Sharp ZSMC0710BW a necessity.

What ensures such a smooth operation is its small volume size and also its low wattage power consumption.

On the other hand, if you want the microwave that offers the best camping experience, especially when you aren’t in a big number, choose The Sharp countertop oven

Furthermore, this microwave comes with cooking presets that facilitate an easier cooking time. When camping, use the potato, pizza, beverage, and popcorn control settings to make hot delicious meals and drinks.

Furthermore, this microwave has an express cooking feature that allows for up to 6 minutes of express cooking.

With a convenient 30 seconds start key for instant operation, why wouldn’t you own such an n awesome microwave and turn around your camping fun? 


  • Express cooking features 
  • Compact size with spacious turntable
  • Easy to clean 
  • Runs on low wattage 
  • Most ideal for hikers and campers


  • Longer cooing times due to the low wattage consumption

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Education: What You Need to Know Before Buying

It’s wise to make reasonable decisions before purchasing any camping microwave. There are a few specifications you might want to be met. Find them below; 

  • Easy to clean 

Go for that miniature microwave that is easy to clean. You are having a good time; you wouldn’t want to spend all your time cleaning things. 

  • Wattage 

This is also one of the important considerations. While a higher wattage microwave cooks food faster, it needs a constant source of power. As a result, it can drain your van’s battery. 

A powerful 700 motor power microwave will deliver amazing results to spice up your camping time. 

  • Size 

Take time to choose the best microwave according to size for your camping needs. While a small-sized microwave is good for saving storage space, it can’t cook food quickly due to its small wattage power consumption.

Moreover, its cooking space is also limited. Ensure that the dinner plate fits well inside the microwave. The best choices are those with an 11-inch turntable for maximum cooking. 

  • Height and weight specifications 

The fitting height comes in handy to help you safely package your microwave. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to place it during the cooking time, which will be too risky for anyone.

No one wants to get burned with hot soup on an adventure. Choose a microwave that’s not heavy and not too light. You wouldn’t want to overload your caravan with a very heavy microwave. 

  • Warranty 

As much as you are looking for a microwave for a single camping adventure, you will still need the same camping microwave repeatedly.

Therefore, it is wise if you were familiar with the brand’s microwave warranty. Then, if your microwave malfunctions or causes accidents, you can easily get one for your next camping. 

  • Extraordinary features 

Look out for features such as easy to clean features and one-touch control features. In addition, smart features such as the voice controlled microwave ‘Alexa’ can be some of the features you might look out for.

Ensure that the turntable is removable for easier cleaning. 


How should I clean my microwave?

This is an important question. On the flip side, cleaning your camping microwave requires just a wet cloth. And by carefully wiping the interior, your microwave will be ready in no time for your next cooking. 

Ensure that the electrical parts don’t come into contact with water. This may damage the component altogether. Another precaution is to limit the solutions you spray while cleaning.

In short, handle the microwave with care, and it will take care of you for longer periods. 

What microwave should I choose for myself?

This comes down to what you specifically need the microwave for. If you are reheating food or cooking, then you need to select the best microwave for yourself. 

Furthermore, family size also matters. You wouldn’t want to cook fewer food portions, yet you can cook just enough with a spacious microwave for the family. 

While a spacious microwave is ideal for family cooking, compact size is the best microwave for couples. 

What microwave wattage should I choose?

This is also another important consideration before purchasing camping microwaves. Most power ratings of microwaves are shown by their wattage levels, 700 W, etc.,

In short, the wattage power is the cooking power required to cook food until it’s ready. A microwave from 700W-1000W will offer you an unending service to ensure that you relish every camping moment. 


As I pen off, I must say camping goes hand in hand with good food. Not snacks. Don’t get me wrong. I think microwaves are some of the best inventions since they allow us to fix a whole meal or a cup of beverage instantly. 

Since there are numerous microwaves to choose from, the above in this blog post are perfect for your camping expeditions.

Amazon Basics Microwave wins easily as the best microwave for camping, followed closely by Nostalgia 3-in-1 countertop microwave.

This is because it offers a large cooking space for family size feeding. However, if you are a hiker or a frequent camper, the Sharp ZSMC0710BW countertop microwave will be the best choice for you.

Why? It is a low-power consuming microwave.

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