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best countertop microwave under $100

Looking for best countertop microwave under $100 in the market? Feel relaxed, you are in the right place.

Who doesn’t own microwave in the modern-day? Certainly, no one! Microwaves have revolutionized the way we cook, eat and reheat food.

It is the most outstanding kitchen appliance that has taken the kitchen place by storm, transforming and bringing in freshness to your cookhouse. We value microwaves for their versatile powers, fair pricing, and their usefulness.

With the best counter-top microwave units, you just take the food and use settings to warm food. You won’t have to warm food over a pan anymore.

However, today’s steaming cooking microwaves do more than making popcorns, heating frozen food, and reheating leftover food. Instead, you can make poached eggs, crispy bacon, steaming potatoes, spaghetti squash, and vegies.

Countertop microwaves aren’t complicated. They don’t require any remarkable installation, and they are extremely mobile.

Countertops are ideal for up to 3 family members. Confused about the best microwave to choose from? Don’t fret; we’ve reviewed the best ones for you.

Besides, you could still get the best microwave at insanely low prices below $100.

Best Countertop Microwave Under $100

  1. Black Decker EM720CB7 Digital Best Countertop Microwave Under $100
  2. Toshiba EM925A5A-SS With on/off sound, Stainless steel Countertop Microwave Under $100
  3. Comfree’ Retro Countertop Microwave Oven with Position-Memory Turntable
  4. Emerson 1.2 Cu FT 1100W Griller Stainless Steel Microwave Oven 
  5. Kenmore Stainless Steel 70913 Countertop Microwave, 0.9 cu. Ft. 
  6. Farberware 1.1 Cubic Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Under $100
  7. Commercial Chef CHM009 Countertop Countertop Microwave Under $100, Black Cabinet 
  8. Amazon Basics Microwave bundle with Echo Dot ( 3rd Gen)-Charcoal 

Top Best Countertop Microwave Under $100 – Review

1. Black Decker EM720CB7 Digital Best Countertop Microwave Under $100

What’s so special with the Decker countertop microwave? Black microwave has been skillfully made to your taste and preference.

This small kitchen appliance fits fully to your empty kitchen countertop without taking much space. It also has 6 sensor technology settings that ensure cooking power and time are easy to adjust.

The pre-programmed settings are ideal for fixing a dinner plate, making the beverage, defrosting frozen vegetables, pizza, potatoes, and popcorns.

It is possible to have express cooking with this microwave. Simply press the buttons from 1-6 minutes at 100% power then, stop the microwave any minute by pressing the stop sign/button.

A spacious interior, detachable glass turntable, and up to 10 power cables are the 700-watt motor and 0.7 cubic foot stainless steel microwave features.

Choose power settings up to 700 watts, and with the touch of a button, you can cook or preheat sic of your favorite dishes.

Use the countdown timer and the time settings available on the LED display screen to monitor and watch over your cooking food and then use the push button to open the microwave safely.

Other additional remarkable features are the internal lighting, a child-safety lock, and an easy-to-read control panel.

Clean the interior regularly for safer and germ-free cooking. Remove the detachable glass turntable and thoroughly clean the interior.

Summary of top features

  • Easy access; push-button door release
  • A rotating countertop for maximum operation
  • 6 touch settings and digital time display
  • Easy storage offers 0.7 cubic feet in a compact size for easy storage
  • Quick kick start for easy operation from 30 seconds to 6 minutes
  • Powerful performance since its run on 700 wattages of motor power
  • Pre-programmed button settings
  • Removable glass turntable, interior light, child safety lock, and an easy to read control panel
  • Weighs 23.8 pounds


  • Clean, sleek design
  • Push-button allows for easy opening
  • One-year warranty
  • The glass turntable is removable for easy cleaning
  • Best countertop microwave for under $100
  • Power. It runs on 700 watts of motor power
  • Comes w3ith 6 preprogrammed settings
  • Its 0.7 cubic height makes it ideal for easy storage
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • Ensure that the turntable sits pretty well on the wheeled rim, or your microwave will throw you off.

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2. Toshiba EM925A5A-SS With on/off sound, Stainless steel Countertop Microwave Under $100

If you are in search of a small yet powerful unit for reheating small meals and beverages, then Toshiba EM925A5A stainless steel microwave is for you.

This 900-watt electrical appliance comes with 10 levels of power for microwave cooking. In addition, the easy-to-hold door handle, intelligent control panel, and brilliant LED light display improves the user experienceYouou won’t have to worry about the microwave noises waking up your family member with a mute option.

Furthermore, the crystal-clear internal view by the microwave oven ensures that you do a controlled observation over the cooking food.

Its compact size is the best for dorms, offices, and vacation homes, and apartment kitchens.

Toshiba EM925A5A  cheap microwave offers 6 most-sought-after recipes; this includes; dinner plate, potatoes, popcorn and pizza, beverage, and Potatoes.

Are you in for some coffee? Drop your latte mug and use controls to heat your coffee in no time. This is because the Toshiba microwave serves 10-inch wide dinner plates and 6.5’’ tall late mugs.

Despite its compact sizing, Toshiba does amazing work for you. So order a Toshiba microwave and say goodbye to the incessant kitchen appliance annoying sounds.

Thanks to the relatively silent button noises that don’t make bleeping sounds. I would recommend this microwave for a small family of 2-3 members or a busy traveling person.

Summary of top features

  • Weighs 27.30 pounds 
  • 10 power cooking levels 
  • Dimensions (LWH) 15.91 x 19.15 x 11.48 inches
  • Affordable 
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 900 wattage of motors power
  • Durable stainless steel construction 
  • 6 preset recipes 
  • Dimensions; 
  • 10.5 inches turntable
  • Eco-friendly –child safety lock, on/off pop sound 
  • Preprogrammed 6-recipe settings, including pizza, popcorns, potatoes, etc. 


  • The enhanced user experience by the child safety lock and the shockproof
  • Mute option to turn off beeping noises for a silent cooking time
  • Brilliant LED red light that allows for controls operations even in the dark
  • 10 cooking sets, a kitchen timer, and 900-watt power ensures excellent performance of the microwave 
  • It comes with a 10.6-inch glass turntable 
  • Ultra-modern timeless stainless steel design 
  • Best under $100 microwave for vacations, apartments, and offices
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty 


  • To prevent the appliance from unstable balances while opening anti-sleep feet would be better. 
  • Average lighting

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3. Comfree’ Retro Countertop Microwave Oven with Position-Memory Turntable 

What’s better than a state-of-the-art microwave oven with a traditional design yet polished with a touch of modernity and hands-on functions?

Comfree’ Retro countertop for you! Your user experience with this microwave improves forthwith with the various touch controls.

Use the bulbous cool-touch buttons, intelligible control panel, and the bright LED electronic display to improve your machine-user experience.

Furthermore, the Retro Countertop Microwave comes fully furnished with a kitchen timer and a clock, a mute-option button, energy-efficient eco-friendly mode, and a position-memory turntable. 

The microwave further features an express cooking button, 10 cooking power levels, an uncomplicated thaw-out function, and 9 preprogrammed recipes. 

This compact-size microwave is small enough to fit rightly into your countertop without consuming much space. In addition, it is very powerful, which means you don’t have to worry about its power functions.

It runs on a 700-watt power, and you can safely place it on a 10-inch turntable without any risk. What’s special about this microwave is its eco-friendly mod, saving you energy when the microwave isn’t used. 

Comfree’ Retro microwave has been designed with kids in mind; it features a child safety lock. Dial on/off sound for about 3 seconds to activate the microwave’s mute option.

So you won’t have to bother your snoring partner or roommate—comfree Retro microwave’s turntable returning to its initial position.

This innovative design prevents you from accidents and injuries since you can safely retrieve the dish or mug. Moreover, consistency in cooking is achieved by the turntable’s harmonious rotation.

You can evenly cook food from all sides. In addition, its compact size is perfect for offices, vacation homes, and apartment kitchens.  

Summary of top features

  • Eco-friendly mode
  • It comes with a child-safety lock 
  • 10 cooking power levels
  • 700-watt motor power 
  • Weighs 24.1 pounds 
  • Fitted with a 10-inch turntable 
  • One year warranty 
  • Mute –sound option 
  • Affordable under $100 microwave
  • 0.7 cubic feet 


  • Attractive microwave-small retro countertop oven 
  • Cuts down energy consumption by up to 50% by its eco-mode
  • Bright LED light improves user experience 
  • 10 power cooking levels together with 9 auto menus and uncomplicated defrosting function 
  • You can reset the turntable to its original position with the innovative position-memory technique resets.  
  • Curved and rounded buttons 
  • 1 year limited warranty 
  • Colors; pastel green, cream, red 
  • Powerful, it runs on 700-watt power


  • Low motor power (700) may not be sufficient .to reheat and defrost instantly. 
  • The small interior may not be ideal for large dinner plates

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4. Emerson 1.2 Cu FT 1100W Griller Stainless Steel Microwave Oven 

Want to grill food on a microwave? Then your time online hasn’t been wasted. Read through to understand how Emerson 1.2 stainless steel griller works.

This powerful microwave comes with 1 grilling power level that ensures a perfect journey to a healthy breakfast consisting of grilled foods. 

Emerson microwave oven comes with up to 9 cooking presets, ensuring that you meet your cooking needs.

These programs are; meat, combo, beverages, frozen vegetables, frozen pizza, potato, popcorn, grill, and defrost functions.

You will find that cooking large meals without pausing the machine is a great invention of the Emerson microwave oven. Use the 99-minute timer to make chicken pots, lasagna, and baked potatoes. 

Use the multiple beeps together with the 99-minute timer and the easy-to-read electronic clock to know when food is completely cooked.

You will also notice the 11 cooking power levels that make this microwave very powerful. Notice also the black cabinet and the 1.2cubic feet metal cooking front.

The human interface with this kitchen appliance is a touchscreen. All of these specifications improve your cooking experience. 

Emerson 1.2 cu ft. 1100W griller should be your next shopping item for a better experience in the kitchen. 

Summary of top features

  • It runs on 1100W motor power
  • Weighs 36 pounds 
  • It has a removable glass turntable
  • 9 preprogrammed cooking recipe- 9 preset programs 
  • Digital timer-(99 minute-99 second)
  • One grilling combination 
  • 1.2 cubic ft. cooking space
  • Dimensions; 20.6 by 17.3 by 12.8 inches 
  • 11 cooking power levels 
  • Material; stainless steel 
  • Color; black and stainless steel 


  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and also UL listed 
  • The sizeable interior can fit a whole chicken
  • The grill rack combination provides a healthy substitution for frying 
  • Black cabinet and brushed metal front 
  • It comes with a child-safe lock 
  • It comes with 9 preset settings 
  • Up to 11 cooking power levels 
  • Ideal large budget-friendly countertop microwave for office, camping, and apartment rooms 


  • It doesn’t have mute sounds controls 
  • Noisy

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5. Kenmore Stainless Steel 70913 Countertop Microwave, 0.9 cu. Ft. 

Cook your food uniformly and quickly with user-definable 6 programmed auto-cooking controls. As a result, you will not have to worry about cooking time since the 6 presets allow you to cook confidently.

Kenmore 6 presets are ideal for cooking potatoes, fixing a dinner plate, making beverages, defrosting frozen vegetables, popcorn, pizza, and leftover food.

Kenmore microwave comes with a defrosting setting that allows you to quickly de-freeze foods. It features two defrost functions; weight and time. In addition, a beep sound notifies you when the defrosting process is over. 

Its 900 wattage motor power will allow you to quickly fix dinner, lunch, and breakfast in no time and in an uncomplicated way.

Start cooking right away from 1-6 minutes with the one-click express boiling settings. Choose your preferred cooking time and let the microwave start cooking.

Those foods that do not require fiery heating use the 30-seconds incremental button top to increase heat. 

It also features a removable turntable with a diameter of 11.22’’. The turntable ensures that even heating and cooking is realized even when cooking from all the corners of the microwave.

To perforate heat, the turntable constantly rotates from one direction to the other, ensures uniform cooking. In addition, the turntable is detachable; hence you can easily remove it for proper cleaning.  

Use the push button on the base to open the door. Besides, its sleek design is ideal for limited kitchen cabinet work surfaces. Perfect for apartment restaurants, office, and camp cooking. 

Summary of top features

  • Weighs 31.1 pounds 
  • Child-safety lock 
  • 30-second incremental time button control
  • 10 cooking power settings 
  • 900-watt motor power 
  • Capacity; 0.9 cubic ft. 
  • 6 heating preprogrammed settings 
  • Easy to read LED light display 
  • Two defrosting settings; time and weight 
  • Removable turntable 
  • Dimensions; 18.3’ W x 11.0’ H x 14.5’L


  • one-touch instant heat control buttons  
  • The turntable is retrievable to allow for safe food retrieval 
  • The ideal microwave for offices and small kitchen spaces 
  • Safety is enhanced by the safety lock, ensuring pets and the young ones don’t get hurt 
  • Colors; white, black, and stainless steel
  • A black door and control panel compliments the easy-to-maintain exterior stainless steel surface. 
  • Compliancy-ADA compliant 


  • The interior lighting remains on even after opening the door

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6. Farberware 1.1 Cubic Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Under $100

The Farberware microwave oven compliments your kitchen by delivering convenience, style, and power with a polished design.

A resilient exterior and interior made of stainless steel ensure that the microwave oven is durable to serve you longer.

This smart kitchen appliance stores and recalls your desired cooking settings using a memory function and 10 power levels.  

You might want to know what’s unique about this microwave. Well, it’s the multi-stage cooking space. For perfect multi-stage cooking, results adjust the power level to cook consistently without disruptions.

This appliance also features 6-preprogrammed presets that allow for precision while avoiding cooking simultaneously and guesswork, for example, fixes a dinner plate, pizza, popcorn, frozen vegetable, etc.

This device features a digital timer and a 30-seconds incremental time for foods that do not require much heat for long and defrosting functions for weight and time.

The LED display allows for express cooking by the 1-6 minutes quick heating. Achieve perfect multi-cooking with a Farberware microwave oven.

It features a rotating turntable, 1000 watts of power, and a sizeable 1.1 cubic ft. cooking space. So what else would you want from such a microwave oven?

Just like most microwave ovens, the Farberware oven features a child-lock safety lock that prevents accidents from the young ones. 

Summary of top features

  • Weighs 25.75 pounds 
  • 1000 watt motor power 
  • Dimensions;  12 by 16.5 by 201.1 inches
  • stainless steel body construction
  • Exterior color finishing’s: white platinum, red, copper, and brushed stainless steel 
  • Quick start 
  • 6 preset one-touch menu 
  • 10 cooking power levels
  • Child safety lock controls 


  • Spacious and stylish designing for easy cooking 
  • Six cooking preset programs 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty 
  • Smart defrosting functions either for weight or time 
  • It comes in different colors to camouflage with the kitchen décor 
  • Comes with an easy to read LED displays and a digital timer
  • Durable interior and exterior durable steel construction 
  • The best medium-sized microwave oven for continual use 
  • Come with multi-cooking settings to ensure perfect cooking by having control over the power level settings 


  • Mesh grid inside the glass window obscures vision

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7. Commercial Chef CHM009 Countertop Countertop Microwave Under $100, Black Cabinet 

In case you aren’t a fan of the traditional methods of reheating foods. That is warming food over a pan or an electric coil; then the Commercial microwave oven is the perfect choice for you.

The Commercial Chef Microwave is also ideal for defrosting frozen veggies and meat. It’s a must-have kitchen appliance for better cooking experiences.

Its weight and time defrosting features allow for different types of food to be defrosted. 

You will also find its 6 quick cooking presets beneficial, and also the 10 power cooking levels ensure that you prepare delicious foods with the least effort.

The commercial Chef oven also features a digital LED display which houses a digital timer. The digital timer also doubles up as a countdown timer. 

A generous 0.9 cubic ft. cooking space ensures that your cooking time is worthwhile. Furthermore, its powerful 900-watt motor power allows for easy and perfect cooking sessions.

Who wouldn’t like a multi-cooking stage option for cooking food from 1-9 minutes quickly? Use the push-button door style to open the door straight away. For extra safety around pets and kids, there is a safety locking button. 

Summary of top features

  • Weighs 30 pounds 
  • Weight and time defrosting features 
  • 900 wattage of motor power 
  • 6 presets functions for fixing quick meals 
  • 10 cooking power levels 
  • 0.9 cubic ft. power level settings 
  • Material; stainless steel construction 
  • Child safety lock 
  • Easy and convenient to use 


  • Durable stainless steel material that is easy to clean 
  • Bright LED light display that houses the digital timer 
  • 6 preprogrammed presets and up to 10 power cooking levels 
  • The removable turntable is dishwasher safe 
  • Its compact size is ideal for offices, apartments, dorms, and camping 
  • Appropriate kitchen countdown timer 
  • Dimensions; 19 x 14.38 x 11 inches
  • It runs on a powerful 900-watt power 
  • Weighs 30 pounds 
  • Push-button safe door locking system 
  • It comes with a child safety lock for safety around pets and kids 


  • The turntable, after some time, may begin to squeak and make loud, boring noises.

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8. Amazon Basics Microwave bundle with Echo Dot ( 3rd Gen)-Charcoal 

It is possible to achieve futuristic cooking with the Echo Dot Amazon Basics microwave. This microwave allows you to microwave uniquely and stylishly.

Simply use your voice, and by saying ‘Alexa, grill, warm, reheat, my food or fix me a cup of coffee, then your microwave will submit to your instructions.

And with the right time and power controls, Alexa will start reheating your food. Alexa is the most intelligent microwave.

Why? You may want to know that the smart device will allow for perfect defrosting by adding new presets.

When you are microwaving a potato or defrosting chicken, you don’t have to estimate the cooking times and the heat levels. 

You don’t have to keep saying, Alexa. Instead, just press the Alexa button or simply use your voice and get things rolling.

Amazon Echo comes with all the basic settings; a turntable for cooking various foods, a child lock safety, a kitchen timer, and 10 power cooking levels.

With the popcorn auto-replenish application, you will always get a 10% discount on your popcorns when it runsSo when you always make popcorns with Alexa’s voice; then you qualify for this promotion. 

Amazon Basics Microwave is simple and easy to use. However, you may never find an ultra-modern microwave yet easy to set up and use like Alexa.

Just plug in the microwave to a power source. Step two is to proceed and connect the appliance to the internet. Thanks to the Alexa app. Finally, command your microwave to start cooking for you. 

Summary of top features

  • Defrosting settings; time and weight 
  • Dimensions 14.2  x 10.1  x 17.1 inches 
  • Alexa-app enabled for easier cooking 
  • Smart cooking by the new preset adding Alexa application 
  • Turntable, kitchen timer, and child safety lock
  • 10 power cooking levels 
  • Compact size 
  • Contains the Echo Dot( 3rd Gen) and the Amazon Basics Microwave


  • Perfect for defrosting fish, chicken, and frozen veggies 
  • Amazon-enabled popcorn replenish feature allows you to save 10% on popcorn; that’s great 
  • Alexa smartly adds new settings hence simplifying your cooking 
  • It comes with 10 cooking presets 
  • Quick-cooking voice resets
  • Comes with a child safety lock, and a kitchen timer
  • The turntable allows you to enjoy properly cooked food as it rotates to allow consistent cooking on all corners. 
  • It weighs 21-9 pounds hence compact enough to fit into your ‘tiny’ worktop 
  • Powerful; it runs on 700wattage of rated motor power 
  • 0.7 cubic cooking capacity 


  • You may experience uneven cooking, but this a manufacturing deficit that can be corrected. 
  • The unit takes relatively longer times to heat up

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Counter Top Microwave Under $100 Buyer Guide

What are the considerations for under $100 microwave oven? 

. Noise

If you are sensitive to noise, then you might want to know the sounds it makes before purchasing a microwave.

Various ovens have varying sounds while operational. If you can’t buy the microwave sets, physically read the reviews beforehand.

. Wattage 

You need to ensure that your kitchen microwave runs at good power rates. A high wattage power microwave oven means that your cooking will be quicker.

That’s the purpose of a microwave, to fix your meal immediately. Most microwaves come with a power rating of 600w-1200w. Choose from 700w to experience uninterrupted cooking. 

. Settings 

Get up to 11 power cooking level settings with the under $100 microwave ovens. Your cooking becomes more convenient with the different cooking settings.

With different cooking settings, you get to alter power even in the middle of cooking, sensor cooking, clock, and timer, and finally, you get multi-level cooking. 

. Size

First, confirm the available kitchen space before purchasing a microwave. For example, you wouldn’t want to buy a microwave that will use all the countertops space.

A microwave of 0.6-1.3 cubic. Ft. is ideal for a small family of 4 members. Choose from the above microwaves for cool microwaves that wouldn’t eat up into your kitchen space. 

. Turntables 

Turntables are the driving force for purchasing microwaves. That’s a fact. Turntables should be sizeable enough to fit the baking dish and large dinner plates for even cooking by rotating freely.

The best turntables for microwaves are 14 inches in dimensions. 

. Ultra-modern features/settings 

Before purchasing a microwave, ensure you understand exactly what you are looking for. If you have a child or pets around your home, consider buying a microwave with a child-safety lock.

Look out also for features like defrost, melt, preheat, and the incremental 30-second controls.

What’s the relation between microwaves and ventilation? 

It’s important to keep the microwave in a position that allows a free flow of air. By doing so, you are letting the microwave release hot air.

You will notice that a microwave always throws out hot air from the external vents located at the back or sides. But the countertop and anywhere you chose should be ideal for safe ventilation. 

If you simultaneously use the microwave and the stove, then venting is very important. A microwave hood range combo will do the magic to get rid of odor, heat, and unreasonable amounts of smoke. 

Can you mount microwave countertops? 

The only thing that determines if the microwave countertop should be mounted is the mounting option.

In case your microwave doesn’t have the mounting option, just call the relevant company via phone and request to know if you can mount the countertop oven or not.

You can either mount the countertop under a kitchen cabinet or another suitable location. Most models have mounting kits that include mounting plates, screws, drilling maps, etc. 

What’s the best size for a family? 

A larger microwave is i9deal for a larger family course; what you cook will also dictate the size of the microwave you’ll purchase.

While a mid-sized oven or compact oven is ideal for a couple, a full-size microwave is perfect for a family of 4 or more members. 1.8-2.0 cubic feet make up the full-size microwave oven.

The family size is 1.4-1.6 cubic feet in height. A midsize measures 0.9-1.3 cubic feet, whereas a compact size microwave measures 0.5 -0.8 cubic feet.

Make sure that the food you are cooking will fit right into the turntable for even cooking. 

What are some of the popular features of microwaves? 

You will notice how the following features will come in handy as you cook food over the microwave oven; 

Convection/ microwave combination ovens; these combinations allow for free air circulation. It also lets you crunchy food. 

Programmable cooking; you can have complete-time control and also choose different power options to cook easily.  

Preprogrammed cooking; dial the controls to select what you want then, added food, and let the oven cook by pressing the start button. 

Sensor cooking; sensor cooking lets you cook innovatively. It does this by sensing the humidity levels or moisture released from the cooking food. 

Child safety lock; most microwaves come with a child safety lock that guards against injuries and accidents. You may not want the young ones or pets playing around and getting hurt. 

Look out for these features to ensure that you are putting money where value is guaranteed. 

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Final Thoughts on Best Countertop Microwave Under $100 

It’s easy to get a functional microwave oven without spending much dollars. Choose from the above list and purchase the best countertop microwave under $100.

Just like the rest of the other microwaves, the above economical ovens will still deliver and even surpass their service delivery.

Effortlessly heat coffee, make dessert, cook potatoes, and defrost chicken, beef, and veggies. Use the under $100 microwave ovens for cooking, heat, and preheat different recipes.

Just as we’ve seen above, additional features such as a child safety lock, cooking presets, and the convection/microwave combination are all you need.

Enjoy hustle-free cooking with the best countertop microwave under $100.

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